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What do you think of the new software?

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What do you think of the new software?

  • I like it better than the other format.

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  • It will take some getting used to but I'll adapt

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  • I don't like it but I'll keep posting

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  • I'm outta here and I'm not coming back

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it will take some time to get used to, but, we will not have the mysterious postings that we don't know where they came from, the profanity and the classless posts (HIS NAME STARTS WITH N), and we can send messages that are private. I think this is going to be a better forum.
It is very slow to maneuver. Used to be like a real conversation amongst folks, changing and swerving around. An awful lot of fun.
That is certainly missing now, reminds me of, well, sitting at a computer and working. :( I don't care how many bells and whistles were added.
Its nice to know where people come from without having to ask from time to time.
I'll get used to the new format. I stopped looking at Cattle today because it was a pain to get into,but have rejoined.
Have corresponded with some nice people on Ranchersnet and didn't want to stop that contact so have learnt how to use it.
Change comes hard to some people - - even the ones that say OUT OF HERE will be back or become Vegans :stop: :cry2: :lol2:

Pictures - Poles - Local are all a + but will miss the "Vegan Site" and seeing them run for cover when they have to back up their misfacts :roll:
Funny it was the vegan site that I found first, I was doing research for a friend on CLA sources, and read a nasty comment about Beef from one of the veggies. :p I followed the link and after reading the political bull I was hooked :D

I like some of the features but will miss the old format.

Funny no matter how far we go, it is great to have a connection to the great poeple of South Dakota.
The first few days it was :mad: but now its getting more used and easier :D :) :) but Jerry your still a Dung heap :shock: :shock: :shock:
Personally I think having a Vegan Site was Smart - - the pro's here talked to them - - made them Bach-Up their thinking and ran them off with common sence thinking - - I saw it as a Big Help to our way of thinking - - I have talked to Vegans on other sites and posted (Our Vegan url) - - I found that our words had reach the Vegans and they were warned about us - - there was a fear that we did not React or Respond to their Profanity but talked to them and asked them to resond to our Questions and Answers.

As I see it - - We Beat Them at Their Own Game :!: You saw the site Slow down :!: Vegan sites Delete our Post or Just Block us from Posting - - they have even pressured ISP to shut Ag Sites Down who's members had the Balls to post on their sites,

I feel like Ranchers.Net is:
- Playing their Game -
- Letting them Call the Shots -
- Hurting the Livestock Ind. -
- Taken One of the Few Places away
- - Were We Had a chance - -
- - Were We Could Talk To Them - -
- - Where We had the Chance to WIN

Ranchers.Net Please Put the Vegan Site Backon Line for the Good of OUR Livestock Ind.
Hope to have ALL the Archives up in a couple of days. It's taken longer than I expected. Sorry.

Not sure a new Vegan site here would be worth while. The old one was pretty dead.

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