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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
We sold some pairs in late May or early June. It has rained so much we couldn't get them loaded up or even sorted off so everything is still here. First they got across the creek and the creek came way up, making it impossible to gather them. Since that time we have put the bulls out and don't want to sort during breeding season (for us that is no longer than 45 days.) The people that are buying the pairs are very fair and want to pay for the pasture and whatever else they need to.

Now comes the hard part. What about bull power? We are using our bulls to get the cows bred. Originally, we were going to sell the virgin yearling bulls with the cows and that was acceptable to the buyer. Should we just sell the bulls with the cows and let it go at that?

45 days will be up July 28 and hopefully we can get this transaction completed. It isn't anyone's fault that we could not get the cows to the buyer and we just want to make sure everyone is treated fairly. No money has changed hands to date, although they are willing. We just don't think it is necessary until we get the cattle shaped up in the proper bunch. And man, are those calves ever looking good!
The only difference I can see is that the cows were bred in your pasture as opposed to being bred in their pasture. The original deal was the cows plus the bull. Since the weather prevented the deal from going through as planned, I would add reasonable pasture rental and seal the deal. On second thought, I'm not sure I would add full pasture rental, depending on the number of cows you have versus the number of cows sold. You have had the benefit of that bull on the cows not sold. That is a benefit to you, so, in that case, I think I would split the pasture rental and call it even.
I agree with Jeannie, it would probably be fair if you would each bear a share of the additional costs, which neither of you expected. It sounds like you are dealing with fair minded people so should have no problem making a fair settlement.
That is where it becomes confusing. We would have had the bulls to breed our own cows, plus the bulls to breed the ones they bought. So, to keep it simple, they should just pay for the bulls that were needed for their cows and pay the pasture, or split the pasture, whatever we agree on.

When I ran the ad I stipulated that the bulls needed to be purchased with the cows. We would have had way more bulls than what we needed otherwise. We had purchased new bulls this winter. We didn't expect them to buy anything that weren't virgin bulls.

Thanks for your input.
It sounds to me like they were going to buy the bulls no matter what, so I'd get the agreed upon price for them. As far as the pasture bill, if it was me I'd figure the market value, and split it right down the middle. My thinking is it's neither parties direct responsibility the cattle are still are at your ranch, it's been raining, and you probably sold them for one heck of a price! Just one man's opinion, but I thought about it.

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