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Apr 8, 2005
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The other day I found a calf doing the strangest thing. When I would walk up close to the calf, he would fall over stiff legged on his side, almost paralyzed for 30 seconds to a minute. Then slowly he would begin to collect himself and stand back up. If I began to walk toward him he would get scared and do it again. This seizure seems to be triggered by fear or excitement. I have never seen this before in cattle. Does anybody know what this might be?
Say Ranchero, how about giving us an update on the rain and grass conditions in your area, since you are the only poster from that part of the world. What constitutes a normal year for your area as far as weather is concerned? Are you in terminal drought in your area? :lol:
i had a calf do about the same thing. If it got exciteted it would jump up in the air and land on its side or run and fall over. We treated for ear infection and it didn't really help but by the time the calf was weaned it started to get better. I feed it out and it did good in the feedlot.
I had one doing something simular this spring but he kept kicking at his gut.Then he would throw himself on the ground and kick and squirm.I grab him and gave him a shot of Banimine but when I threw him he was really gasey .I work his gut with my fist as he kept farting 1/2 hour later he was fine and nurseing.
My Dad says he had a calf, back in the '50's or '60's, that would have seizures like that. He got the vet out to look at him and it turned out it was epilepsy(SP). The vet said it would die in a few months .....and it did.
These seizures didn't seem to be triggered by fear,though.They just happened.