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What would you do if...

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Apr 14, 2011
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Hope that everyone is having a wonderful Friday. If God could give you two million dollars today, what would you do with this much money? How would this money change your life? Would you stop working?

If I could get two million dollars today, I would do the following:
1. 200,000 (10% of the ten million) will be donated to a good cause. 100,000 would be use towards paying for the college education of worthy students from Appalachia that might not have the funds to go to college . The other half will go directly to paying for a cancer treatment of someone who lacks insurance etc.

2. I would buy my mom a home where she can retire.
3. I would lend money to a person who might need funding to run a business or start a new one
4. I would buy a few months of food inventory for a women shelter in my community.

I will continue with this post tomorrow; I need more time to decide what I really would like to do with the rest of the funding.
I have pondered this question many times in my life, and as I get older my thoughts change. I used to think I would buy a ranch somewhere where I couldn't see any neighbors lights. Now I kinda have this dream of being able to travel around the world, day working for different ranchers, just to see the world from a horses back.
So to answer your question.... give a good portion to my church, another portion to my kids, and what was left, get a BIG trailer with living quarters, and set out to meet everyone on Ranchers. And Lisa even agrees!!!
well,another good question.here's my 2 cents worth.

i have seen Donald Trumps empire.
i have been to Haiti.
i have seen and visited the richest and the poorest.

i think God could and would give me millions if i ask for it.
but i will remain content with what i have.i am responsible and accountable for my blessings and the thought of that responsibility scares me at this point in my life.30 years ago would have been different maybe.

i am commanded to work and will remain content somewhere between
the rich and the poor.
It's like this: Two million is not like rwo million once was. It wouldn't buy all that much today. If I suddenly received two million, I would gain a lot of friends, they would be at my door seven days a week with their so called emergencies, and problems. I wouldn't have the two million very long, maybe not the friends either.
Big Muddy rancher said:
The standard answer would be "Keep on ranching until it's gone" :D

Not sure what I would do. :???:

Maybe hire a fencing crew. :lol: :lol:
:D yup, there a couple non profits that each get a nice check too but really need the fencing crew
Thanks everyone for your valuable input on this topic! I am still thinking of what to do with the rest of the two million. I know for sure that I would never quit working regardless of how much money I would have in my life.

I would use the rest of the money to help people affected by tornadoes or floods to get back on "track" with their lives. I would also use this money to help a farmer/rancher/ or teacher who is awaiting for a "break" in his/her life. By doing the things above with the two million, I know that I will have started accomplishing my life's mission.

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