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What's the real story on Oregon ranchers and midd schoolers?

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Mar 2, 2005
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USA Today just reported,

"Portland - Students at a Portland middle school upset some ranchers in eastern Oregon after they testified at a public hearing in favor of Oregon's plan to reintroduce wolves to the state. Ranchers generally oppose the plan. Teacher Jan Zuckerman said her students were just expresssing their opinion. Oregon's plan would let ranchers shoot wolves that prey on their livestock."

Most of us know that the media is liberal and left-leaning. Perhaps this notice was written in such a way as to hide the way things really happened. I hope so. Ranchers in this country do not have a very good reputation now, especially in states like Oregon, Washington and California (left-leaning Democratic states). At least until more facts are known, I choose to believe that the Oregon ranchers really didn't get into a fight with a bunch of middle schoolers who were learning how to participate in the democratic process.

Surely some of the ranchers stopped and counted to 10 and then asked questions to find out who was really behind the middle schoolers agenda. Surely the Oregon ranchers realize that there is a tremendous PR campaign to be waged on the part of the beef industry in the next 10 or 20 years. Surely the Oregon ranchers realize that they will lose every time if they go up against a bunch of Portland-area middle schoolers, at least in the minds of the general population of Portland and Seattle (and who knows where else if this is blown out of proportion). Surely there are some Oregon ranchers who realize that there have to be new ways of dealing with these issues for the sake of the industry.

Can anyone out there contribute some facts as to what really happened? Thanks in advance!
Before this is all over were all going to look like a bunch of Idiots. I have never seen an industry with so many problems as this beef thing has. It never ends. Next it will be why $1.50 600 pound feeders are not making any money when the heavy market goes to 68. Eat more pork,no Mad Cow.

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