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What's the weather like at your place?

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Weather change today. This morning I fed the steers and went out to feed the cows. It was 7:30-7:45. Just got started and I had to take off my coat. It felt warm out. I was planning on cutting up some beaver fell trees and stack them on the burn pile. About 10:00 the wind had come up and there was an occasional snow flake floating by. No longer warm. I decided that those trees could wait for another day. About 2:30 it decided to get serious about snowing. By the time I went out to do afternoon chores the ground was all white and it was putting it down. So much for the clear ground once more. It stopped snowing so I hopped on the quad to do afternoon calf check. I didn't get 100 feet and I had big snow flakes hitting me in the face. Went back and parked the quad and got a pickup. A windshield is much more comfortable in this weather. No new calves. Good deal, you gals hold off until tomorrow, winter is not done.
We had a couple of inches on Tuesday night. It melted off yesterday. This morning I had to go out and sweep the snow out of the satellite dish so the computer would work. I wonder how many new calves there will be this morning. I am so ready for spring.
Usually by now we can see bits of green grass here and there.
Not so this year. Everything is covered in snow and lots of it.
We have a back deck off a spare bedroom on the west side of the house,
and the deck is gone. You can't see it for the snowdrift there.
It's very hard on wildlife. I'm sure we will have flooding when (and if) this
melts as it is full of moisture. 16 degrees here currently with a high of 37 toaday,
31 tomorrow, 29 on Sunday. That's not going to melt much snow.

I too am so ready for spring.
We got 6" of wet heavy snow last night, most came down sideways. Almost the most we've had at once this year. We're happy we started calving early, only 35 left to go. The neighbors that are just now starting are not impressed.
Normally we start looking for buttercups in Feb. We haven't even bothered to look yet.
That 4 inches of wet snow from the other day melted and made things a muddy mess. The frost in the ground didn't let the water soak in. Then today we got rain that turned to non sticking snow which about dark turned to sticking snow. We have a rocky strip along the river we call the gravel bar. It is too rocky and never grows much grass. I think I will be feeding there in the morning.
Sorry to be so delinquent posting. The weather here has been unusual and the daily north winds really put a damper on the high 40 and low 50 temperatures that the mercury rising boast. We generally get south west winds here this time of year.

Very few signs of spring. A few rains but the grass sure isn't responding as expected. Compared to most places, the weather is great here.
Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 6 to 12 inches. Winds gusting as high as 40 mph.
From 6 PM this evening till noon on Wednesday. Campbell, Crook and Weston Counties.
Got the cow pairs in the lane pasture, Draws running all directions, rim rock, juniper and pines, so plenty of shelter there
Heifer pairs got some box elders and around some barns and sheds.
Calvers, we watch close and move anything calving or them and their calf to shelter, going to be a long couple day.
April 4th isn't a very welcoming day. 10F this morning not counting the 40-50 mph wind out of the NW and ten inches of new snow. Crazy spring. Not cussing the moisture, but almost out of hay and zero grass for a while. Lots and lots of folks are making tough decisions.

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