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whats the weather like in the US & Canada?

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Australian Cattleman

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northern NSW Australia
Its turned cold and windy here. Forecasts of snow down to 600 metres in the next two days. We've got plenty of wood in,have plenty of round bales,hasn't snowed here for nearly 21 years. Need the moisture.
Whats the weather up to in the US and Canada?

We had a little thunderstorm roll in ( only about 30 miles wide) but followed the south side of the Milk and dumped buckets-- I ended up with about .7 in half an hour time-little soft pea size hail-- but some places got over 4" of rain and golf ball size hail...Now the worry for many is flooding- many of the creeks that just went back into their banks will be rolling again...And they are predicting 93 temp today and maybe more thunderstorms tonite....
Here in Southern Ontario, Canada, we have a balmy 75 under overcast skies with a threat of rain. Now that most farmers have hay cut, we would like to see that hot, sunny weather that we had for most of May.

There is a good crop of hay this year and the corn and beans look very good for not having much moisture all spring. I guess we benefit as much from lots of heat as from lots of moisture, it seems.
We have a cooker forecasted for today, and tomorrow for that matter. Went and put hail insurance on last night because with all the humidity and the high temps., we're bound to get a good thunderstorm today or tomorrow.
They are saying that here in WI it is the fourth driest spring on record. If anyone has extra alfalfa, they'll be needing it here.
We're getting our hail insurance today too. Supposed to be plus 31 C tomorrow, but humid enough to feel like closer to 40. That kind of weather usually triggers some kind of thunderstorm.

Today on the other hand is about as perfect as it gets. Warm, sunny, with enough breeze to keep the skeeters away. :D
80`s and 90`s. Skeeters are a real pain right now. Had a storm blow in this morning and had .50 in a short period of time. White Horse area supposed to have had 1.90 with a lot of wind.
Eastcoast like perfect seashore weather- sunny, breezy, blanket at night.
But this won't last :(
was 68 degrees this morning by 7:30 and was 90 by noon!! :shock: then the clouds rolled in and a southerly breeze blew in and it cooled down enough to make the yard and garden work very pleasant!! :wink: :wink: lots of clouds now and a few thunder-boomers in the northern sky...guess we just wait and see!! good luck to ya, colin....hope ya get the moisture you so desperately need! :D

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