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Where are the Cattle

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Mar 5, 2005
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Topic----- Where are those Cattle

Much has been said about the BSE in Canadian Cattle Lets set the
record strait . About 180 head of Cattle were imported into Canada
in late 70ies or early 80ies These were from England I wont say which
breed it doesnt matter but one of them were positive and it all started there About the same time the United States imported over 1000 head
of cattle from England they were the same breed and from appox same
part of country. So we have it and I strongly suggest the U.S. has it to
It just seems the S.S.S. seems to work better down there than up here.
The feed ban in 1997 was a sure step in the right direction but it should
have included a recall on the feed that was out there. Hindsight is a great
Anyway this if my first post I just found this sight the other day. I am
70 miles north of the 49th in South West Sask and I welcome all replies
good or bad.


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