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Where is Leanin H

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Apr 8, 2008
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NE Oregon
H hasn't been here too much so I copied and posted one he put on Facebook yesterday. Maybe he will take note.

God's secrets are found,
Up where thee only sound,
Is made by nature, not man.

Where mountain streams flow
And quakie leaves glow,
And ya find out where time began.

Creation looks fine
Up above timberline,
As ya see it layed out there below.

And healing can start
To mend each broken heart.
I am happy to say, how I know.

Mountains bring peace,
And hurt gets release,
Each step you take closer to God.

If it's comfort you seek,
Then just let Him speak,
As you stand on high mountain sod.

So look up and not down,
Let your smile kill your frown,
As elevation knits your soul.

God talks to me there
In the thin mountain air.
His words stronger than found on a scroll.

So go heal your heart
Up where sunrises start.
Away from the distractions of man.

Take time just to be,
And I promise you'll see,
This is all just a part of God's plan.

See, He loves me and you,
And it's time that you knew,
Where spirits go when we die.

Heaven is near,
So friend have no fear.
It's right up here, where land touches sky.

Darrell Holden July 23'

Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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By the river where the mighty sturgeon swim
UP is a great poem that flows as beautiful as the content it speaks.

I can identify having grown up on a ranch at 8000 feets
And hiking above timberline with snow covered peaks.

It isn't that God isn't at lower elevation, the valleys, and exist everywhere
But something is special in the clear cold deep lakes and thin mountain air

Well done H.

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