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Where is nr?

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Feb 10, 2005
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I'm here and reading. Have been enjoying all the wildlife postings- since at my advanced years I have NO wild life! :)
Tonight for fun I'm going to try to hide quietly outside to take some pictures of the fox that comes lurking.
He has kindly taken care of our rabbit population- completely. Haven't seen one all Spring so maybe the petunias will survive.

What have you been up to reader(The Second)? Still jogging up to NYC?
You might get coyotes one of these days in DC. Our neighbor reported seeing one and our state has been said to be the last to be repopulated with them in the US (I guess that was continental US). They compete with the foxes for food so we'll see who wins.
No fox came last night. I waited for two hours under a blanket. Boring. Maybe he was watching me and laughing up his sleeve! Or he didn't like what I was serving. Anyway, this morning an illusive piliated woodpecker came back to the spot where a rotted apple tree used to be and posed for some shots as he dug for grubs.
Give me a yodel if you want to get together. I'll meet you on I-95 if you're headed up this way or you're welcome to come to our home if you have the time to spare from your boyfriend!

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