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Where is nr?

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Feb 10, 2005
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I'm back. We had the flu, then drove to Florida to visit friends and relatives. Now I'm ready to pester y'all again!
nr said:
I'm back. We had the flu, then drove to Florida to visit friends and relatives. Now I'm ready to pester y'all again!

Geez I feel sorry for you. The flu must have been tough as well. :wink: :cowboy:

PS. good to have you back.
Thanks. It is good to be back in the crispy cold snowy weather- would really miss it if we had to live in Florida.
But now I have the impossible task of catching up on Ranchersnet.
Faster Horses, how is your dad doing now?
reader (the Second) said:
Welcome back. We missed you. You add a certain je ne sais pas quoi (???) to the dialogue.

Oh dear. The last thing the Ranchersnet needs is a French contaminant! Saw a perfect cartoon of Bush with a hammer. He was smiling having just "mended the fence" with France. Chirac said he was pleased also because now he could resume his normal seat- straddling the fence. :)
Glad to see you back, nr. And I am glad to be back as well!

Thanks for asking about dad. He had a rough couple of days but then rallied so I was able to come home. The plans now are that he will go to the nursing home for PT and then back to assisted living. I would like to bring him here, but haven't got that done yet. I am open to suggestions, if you have any!! I appreciate your wisdom.

My dad has been a bit of an adventurer in his life. He went from a farm in Missouri to Wyoming at a young age. He worked on ranches and then got into the construction business as a heavy equipement operator (he taught me real young to tell that to anyone who asked what he did). He then went to Alaska in about 1964 and continued to do that for the next 17 years. He was 64 when he quite going up there. He was foreman on many Alaska road projects. He absolutely loved it. Sometimes that is all he can talk about. Among other things he helped make the pioneer roads that they hauled the equipment on to the north slope. He has lived all over Alaska. He would go up in March and come home in November. He has been tough, strong, had a lot of intestinel fortitiude. Stubborn, too. It was a tough occupation, but he tells me he wouldn't have changed it. So what more can you ask out of life? He never got to finish school and that always weighed heavy on his mind. He is so intelligent and has such a good memory, he would have done well in school. I have mentioned before that for him to attend school was a privilege, not a right--as the kids think today.

Anyway, for the time being, things are on the upswing.
Faster Horses, glad to hear about your dad- sounds like a tough but soft-hearted man. Have you given him a tape recorder yet with a list of questions to tape his Alaskan experiences? Wouldn't that be something to put in the newspaper (and ranchersnet)? Bet many would be interested as I would.
My parents drove up the rock highway in Alaska years ago- said it was some trip! We hope to see Alaska soon- wanna see alllll those little towns and northern lights and eat blubber. :)

Men like your dad help bring appreciation and perspective to what we have. The world is a better place because they have been here

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