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Where's the bottom?

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Feb 10, 2005
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Last week was pretty tough on the feeders and fats both. Today even worse - most contracts limit down. Some of the sales last week looked pretty good considering the boards, but the bottom fell out of it today at OKC with feeder weights down $5-10.


Where will it stop? Huge placements, dollar getting stronger, more problems in Europe again, economy at home not too great, gas prices easing somewhat but still too high to leave a lot of disposable income for higher priced meat items. Looks kinda dismal to me.
A guy should have contracted when the price was right. This heavy placement news will pass and tighter supplies will come again. At least that's what the numbers would show.

In August the feedlots will be losing their minds trying to buy cattle because they'll start thinking that there won't be any left to fill all that pen space.

I tend to agree. Put some cattle together now and put some weight on them. Come August and Sept you might be sitting on a GOLD mine!

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