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Who is this Bull? Denny

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BMR, my spouse was looking for his picture in the 2005 Semex catalog and he looks alot like Basin Max 602C. Anyway, the picture looks alot like the avatar. Hope this helps. :)
yea that could be, I think it will be fun to see what guesses come in butI guess we might never know for sure. I like the bull but I haven't been a fan of MAX bullls.
That's o.k., our neighbor used him alot, we bought a few cows from him, but they are awfully big. We are Gelbvieh/Angus people ourselves. Make a nice cross, can have straight black or red, nice gentle mothers. I especially like that when spouse and I tag calves! Don't like getting rooted around! :)
Does Tttvangus ring any bells, perhaps an Angus ranch? The picture here looks to be the same as one of the Angus bulls shown on the cattle avatar page over on CattleToday, and that is the title that pops up when you put your mouse pointer on the picture (I'm not registered here on ranchers.net so I can't see the avatar selections)
Yes I hear you about tagging calves. I do some PB calves but bring them to the barn where I can put a gate between me and the cow. What is you Pic on the avatar. Is it a small dog ?
BMR, that is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the apple of my spouses' eye. We call him "low rider" sometimes, he is 12" tall and 24" long. He has personality galore and LOVES to chase cows. He isn't good on long rides, but is mean as a badger in the corrals. Only thing, he loves biting our bovines in the NOSE so he sometimes turns them around when you don't want them to turn around. I wouldn't trade this doggie for the world! :D
Big Muddy rancher said:
Denny I see that you and i have the same taste in bulls. Does anyone recognize him.? Lots of avatars to chose from but i liked this bull. :???:

BMR-I dont know who that bull is but he's sure made right in my book he's not 602c.602C is deeper in the brisket and doesnt have as much hip.I will glance thru the Bull books maybe I will find him.He looks like one of my bulls thats why I picked him..
Hi HY:

We have a Welsh Corgi pup, about four months old--they are really awesome dogs. Ours is named Holly and was my Christmas present from the better half. What color variation is your Corgi? Our's is a "sable". Her dam is a sable and her sire is a tri-color--this is the first sable the breeders have ever gotten-all others have been tan and whites-so I'm guessing that tri color is recessive?? Any ideas? We really wanted a tri, but they are darn hard to find.

Anyway, great looking dog, if I can figure how to, I'll post a pic of Holly here later--

Turkey Track Bar

PS--sounds like you guys are doing good work over in MT (MSGA/NCBA wise) :D
Hi, back, TTB;

He is a sable, but he has black around his eyes, he looks like a "coon" when he looks at you. We are assuming tri's are recessive, when we were looking for this one everyone was looking for a male tri. We know of someone who raises nothing but tri's, if you're still interested, e-mail me. We would raise 'em if we could but the females have so many and because of the shape of their bodies, the uterus folds back on itself to accomodate the pups, so alot of the females end up have c-sections. Don't even want to go there! They are sure adorable, when the rest of our mutts go away we will probably get another one! :)
CORGI BREEDERS/OWNERS, these two websites might be of interest to you. Color in dogs might not be as simple as in cattle.


Hanta Yo:

Thanks for the info. regarding Corgi females having pups, or maybe more correctly stated, having difficulty having pups---when folks heard we had a sable Corgi female they came out of the woodwork wanting to know if they could breed their male to her---geez folks we don't need a teenage pregnancy-she's just four months old! But anyway, we had thought of it because lots of people have inquired that if we ever did breed her they'd like to have a pup. Now we will definitely reconsider.

I know it sounds stupid but Holly is worth so much to us as a member of our family that we would be devastated if anything happened to her. We are over 60 miles from the vet-they do ok with bovine c-sections, but I'm not sure I'd want them working on Holly!

I'd love to talk the hubby into another Corgi and Holly would love to have someone to "play" with other than my inlaws old dog and the "mangey" barn cats! I somehow can hear the answer now! NO!!! It was tough enough getting Holly that I should be thankful for what I have---even though the hubby can't imagine life without her now!


Thanks for posting the dog color sites--I know dog and horse color genetics are much more complex than cattle--until you get into dilutors in cattle--then cattle color genetics get a little trickier!

Maybe we should have a "Farm/Ranch Dog" forum on this site. Between FH's puppy's name and the Corgis here--- :)

Well everyone take care, have a great day, and Cheers!

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I'd go for a Puppy Forum! LOL!!

My daughter had a Welsh Corgi. They loved her dearly. Called her RD for Rotten Dog. She was a tear! Someone went through where they lived and stole several Corgies. Her neighbor got both of hers back, but our daughter never found RD. One of the neighbors came into the truck stop a few days after being missed and the other, a veterinarian in Minnesota found. This one happened to have a chip and the vet scanned the dog to see. BINGO!! Found the owner through the chip. She drove clear from Wyoming to Minnesota to get her dog.

Might be a good idea to get a chip in those dogs. I think they are stolen a lot.

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