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Why I Like the NEW Format

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Feb 10, 2005
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There was and still is a lot of interesting comments (and some crap too), but under the old format, we had to click, and load each comment. For those of us in the sticks of Canada, that can easily take 5 to 10 seconds of more. Nothing was more frustrating having to go through 35 or more comments (in one thread) and finding that 1/2 of it was "beat on the neighbors" crap. At least now, I can select a topic that looks interesting, click, load and scroll down ALL the comments fairly quickly.......

It should also be easier to follow the interesting threads too without having to go back through numerous pages like before.

It would be nice too if everyone could put down their State/Prov.......... Just a neat thing to know.

angus and mcleod....agreed!!! i have no problem with telling you that i live in the big sky state...montana...madison county...cameron "flats"!!! let's hear it, folks!!!

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