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Why LIBERALS don't believe in Science - or Journalism

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Apr 12, 2008
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real world
What ever happened to teaching kids the basics and letting them make up their own minds.......?

The kid looks embarrased and uncomfortable. This is the type of indoctrination I see OT inflicting on his kids when they were younger......and heaven help them if they thought any differently than him, the "little right wing extremist radical racist Tea Partiers"

If OT's kids did ever think differently than him, he'd probably accuse them of sexually harassing people, or something......and never be honest enough to admit he made a mistake and apologize.

It sure is reassuring that OT has taught his kids how to be good non hypocritical Christians though.

The purpose of this column is not to endorse a political contender for the Republican presidential race but rather to point out the strategy of the leftist media to undermine any candidate who shows the potential of being the alternative choice to their false prophet in the White House.

The nation was recently treated to yet another child being exploited by a parent offering her son as a sacrifice of dignity on behalf of Barack 0bama.

It came not in the usual third world dictator tactic of forcing the clueless child to sing praise to the tyrant but this time in the form of a child being coaxed into asking Governor Rick Perry a question about his view on the theory of evolution – followed up by the question of why he “doesn’t believe in science” (as the unfit “mother” fed him the questions word by word before a camera). http://youtu.be/9NgmcejY8Ls

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