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Why whine about the new forum?

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Feb 10, 2005
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I'm not going to complain about the new forum. I don't have a dime in this outfit, it is completely free, and I was taught that beggars can't be choosers. We'll get used to it. I thank Macon for offering us all a fun place to shoot the bull.
IM just wondering where some us can go to post without the censorship,you are going to miss the charged emotion that used to be sandhusker
Hell, I agree. Why wine about it, it isnt much harder or more complicated any way
SHINE said:
IM just wondering where some us can go to post without the censorship,you are going to miss the charged emotion that used to be sandhusker

I've never saw Sandhusker post anything that needed censoring!!!! I saw nothing except pornography links and the foulest of language ever censored....Nothing because of political content , beliefs, or political correctness......

Several months ago the old Ranchers site was getting hit with porno links posts in the middle of the night-- I happened to be up with my aches and pains a couple of times and contacted Macon about it... He gave me the password and access to delete these posts-- For several months the only thing that ever came close to needing deleted was the porno sites- then a couple of times I took off posts that were nothing more than gutter talk and the F word-no constructive input..... everything went smooth until a few weeks ago---then it turned into a who could call who the foulest.....After Macons warning I deleted some (about 10) of those types of posts- some I didn't get to for awhile because I wasn't on the computer for hours inbetween...But I have never seen anything deleted or censored because of content or ideology - just filth or porn...........
Well OT, we'll see how it goes. I'll give 'er the good try. Gave up Ranchers.net for lent but I backslid. Came back and wow! Figured it was you policing before, and Thank You! Warm here. Just testing this.
I like your picture Tom S, that's pretty patriotic. Thanks for reading from Canada. Have a good night all!
Jake i was wondering if that wasn't Sitz Allience 6595. I know i have seen him before but can't place him.
I have a sister-inlaw in North east Kansas near Wakeeny. Are you any where near there. that's all I have seen of Kansas. but it was ineresting. I like the limestone fence posts but I bet they are hard to drive staples into.
farm is in North Central, Morrowville to be exact. We use all hedge posts.... I couldn't stand working with a limestone rock.... got one pasture that that's about all it is, is limestone rocks.... hate them freaking things.... sure ruin a good tire too...
Jake In Wakeeney I saw signs made out of those Limestone posts. Some how they sandblasted them to leave the names showing. Probably could put up a new fence for what those rock posts could be peddled for, for ranchette fencing on acreages.
heck we built tons of fence this past year... used hedge and steel posts on all of it and I swear we tightened FOREVER to get those strands good enough. but the last 1/4 mile we did, we hooked the block and tackle to the golden rod and to the pickup and tightened them that way. I tell you what!!! tightest fence I've ever seen and you could probably climb over it just like a panel if you really wanted. had to tie rocks to the bottom wire in the low spots to keep the posts in the ground.
We use wooden posts mostly driven with a hydralic pounder with RR ties or Power pole but for corners. I have been using that lighter HIGH tensile wire. for a few years. Seems to work. I have 2 Hayes tightners that I chain to corner or brace post and pull up slack with one then leap frog the other one and take up more slack then just keep alternating until tight. We can't tighten to much as the extemes in temp can cuase problem but it is quite tight. :)
we haven't had any problems with it freezing and snapping so we're good for now. It's actually probably good enough to hold a Chi... :lol:
We built fence that was of drill stem with holes drilled in it, ran high tensile wire through the holes, with wire strainers on each end. Worked great for a few years, the cows get smart to it and figured out that if they go slow, they can walk right through the wires because it gives and stretches and it does not hurt. Will never do it again. Now after ten years we have elk that have figured out the same thing, but they crawl in going slow, leave at a run and demolish anything in their way, and let all of their family in for a buffet. Just spent the last weeks putting woven wire at the bottom so they can not or will not try that anymore. The joys of puttin up with the publics animals.!! :D

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