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Will the hair grow back?

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Feb 10, 2005
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Thanks for all the info on dehorning with paste.... now since I probably did something wrong could you all answer me this: the paste smudged a little, nothing serious, the weather was good, I didn't apply too much and used the duct tape but we still seemed to get an unsightly patch of hair missing between his horn and ear where it looks like he may have scratched himself or rubbed his head on something even with the duct tape on. It looks horrible, only about the size of a quarter and he's not stressed at all, happy and playing in the sunshine today and eating just fine but I'm concerned about how his head "looks." I've seen paste dehorning results before, I even have a cow that I'm told by her previous owner was "pasted" with no mark leftover whatsoever. Has hair grown over the stump and all. Can any of you tell me what I can expect as far as cosmetics go on this calf. What will he look like in say, six months from now? Will that patch of hair where it smeared come back or not. It looks awful and while he acts just fine I'm hopeing some of you can give me some assurance that I didn't completly screw up. So even though I know I did, can mother nature fix this or should I have just convinced Mike to come up and dehorn him for me...
I'll know for next time, Mike!
Have a good night all, and thanks for your assurances in advance.
rancher said:
You won't be able to tell that there was a bald spot.

Like rancher said, the hair will grow back. The problem IS, he will lose the front inside hoof on the side where the hair is missing now. It won't happen until he's 3 years old though and you will have sold him by then.
Other than that he should be fine. :lol2:
Dang I was more worried about the bald spot and forgot the hoof. :oops:
:shock: What the he77 are you doing dehorning those POLLED HEREFORDS anyway Whiteface. I'm going to report you to the poll - ice.
We run polled Herefords, but we still have to dehorn a 1/2 dozen or so. Can't for the life of me figure out why! Must be some horned genetics way, way back.

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