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Faster horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
We had thunderstorms move through here last evening. No rain but
a lot of wind. Today we have windrows blown all over the place. Mr.
FH is trying to rent one of the V-rakes to try and put them back together.
With all the strange weather, you can't count the hay til it's in the
even then, make sure the stack yard is on high ground :wave:

am in the process of making sure that the stacks are in better places than they were last winter with all the snow we had and consequently the water we had this spring :wink: :lol:
I feel for ya fh.. We had a horrific wind that blew all of our windrows into the fence!!! I can now say that I've windrowed two fields once, and baled them fields twice!!
We had lighting strike a big bale in the field and it spread to 30 bales.

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