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Windfarms, Kato?

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None here, but they've got some really big ones south of Winnipeg. The guys who have them are very happy with the royalty cheques from what I've heard. :D

I think there's a test site about 10 miles from us, but I'm not sure how it's working out yet.
Hitachi in Sakatoon is building towers for those wind towers. They go by here just about every morning during the week, headed west. The towers are so big, they split them in three and load them on trailers. They can't be going too far, because the same three trucks pull those trailers every time.
There are a few, a lot actually, being built about 20-30 miles west of us along Lake Huron in addition to the few that are already in operation.

I don't remember what the one farmer said his royalty check will be, but I do remember that it sure beat growing crops and he still gets to work or pasture the land that they stand on.

I think that some fees are tied to the price of energy. :D
When we were in Sheridan, Wyoming we saw some of those wind chargers, or just one part, on trucks. They were bigger than we had ever imagined. Then I saw in the Miles City Star a photo of some that were headed to Judith Basin.

They are working on getting some for our area. Hope we do, it sure seems like they should work around here.
"THE BULL SESSION" should be able to generate it's own power quite easily..... maybe Macon might be able to sell the surplus :!: :twisted:
Wind farms are finally comig of age.

We investigated them 25 years ago, but the break even was just about the time they wore out.

With higher energy demand and better technology things are different now. A few miles North of me Mcbride Lake windfarm is currently the largest in Canada, with 115 660kw machines. There is another one under construction just west of me, they will have 70-75 1.5Mw machines, then they will be the biggest. Another just South of Fort Macleod is approved with newer technology 22- 3Mw machines.

Our place is potentially on the list for phase 2 of the windfarm West of us.

It takes economic wind 30% of the time (wind strong enough to generate electricity) to make a windfarm feasible. Some say we are in a 50% area. Royalties for land owners seem to have leveled at 2.5% of the generation of each windmill. The price can be fixed to contracts or fluctuate with the power pool. If you use a 1.5Mw machine at 30% at 6 cents per kwh at 30 days a month, 1 machine would pay $486 on a 2.5% royalty.

The downside, each 1.5Mw machine is about 1.5 million installed. Then you need grid capacity, and transmission lines to main grids. There is a new transmission line going in 10 miles North of us, hopefully they have capacity for all the new potential.
One thing they sure make your area look ugly for a very long time sure glad we don't have much wind here..
We have loads of little gravel pits or dirt holes my neighbor lives on top of the hill from us and is digging a pit right out in front of his house idiot looks like hell...
TAlking about wind turbines in central KS also-I do not know what to think about them,BUT I do know that they look better than housing developments!

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