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Wine Grapes suffer from heat

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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Temperatures over 95 can destroy grapes grown for wine. While a few days may not do much damage, continual high temperatures with the blazing sun can sunburn the grapes, and high heat causes shriveling. The several days of triple digits have already taken a toll on many young vineyards in Eastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon with more triple-digit days to come. The older vineyards provide a natural canopy but still, those exposed grapes are doomed. Last high temp and drought year, the older vineyards lost about 15%. As the heat continues and destroys upper leaves, then the canopy will be reduced.

What I understand is above 95 degrees, the part of the vine feeding the grape shuts down, and if the grape is in direct sun, then it is burnt and dehydrated. Cool nights are needed, but none in sight for July. After the last high continual heat and drought, many vineyards planted experimental vines bred to be heat and drought-resistant. They will get the ultimate test in the next few weeks.
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