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Winner - Hats, Boots, Spurs

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
Congratulations Fasterhorses!!!

Hey, thanks!
I have to tell you, I took that picture at the post office in
Anahim, BC. Gcreeks town!! That's why he recognized it!
I thought it was neat they had all those hats hung on the wall.
Had I known I was going to enter a contest with the picture,
I'd have done a better job!
Faster horses said:
Only because he beat me there and took it down!! :D :D :D

So..... you gonna share your winnings with your guide?

Congratulations FH.

One of my old relics is third from the left, top row.
Is that Pan Philips hat beside yours? The whole works of you abuse your hats terribly it appears. So you pick up mail, reminisce over your old hat, buy a little fudge and acquire a huge can of snuff all at one stop. The original department store. 8)
My damaged retinas can't decifer that even at 400 power. :roll:

I'll have to check in person. Lester Dorsey's hat is 3rd from the right, top row.

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