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Winter Update 2012

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Jan 7, 2007
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So far it has been a decent winter... not the best, not the worst. We've had around 4 feet of snow this season, but luckily have had nice breaks in between storms :D .

Scenic meadow a few weeks ago.

My feeding buddy.


Part of the heifer calves are in their own pasture, and some are in with their mothers. No rhyme or reason, I just didn't get them all fished out of the cows this fall, and they'll all be thrown back in together next month anyhow. I wanted to keep them separated for better pasture distribution, so I guess I obtained part of my goal... good enough! :wink: :D

Feeding the cows expensive hay.

A few of the heifers who remained with the cows... as you can see they're holding their own, despite their smaller mouths! (Sorry FH, has to say it :p :D ).


A couple of bred heifers.

They like to eat.

Success! Jim's "Wyoming Style" snowfence :wink:

Two new bulls to breed to heifers next spring. With the price of bulls lately, I'm hoping we don't need to buy anymore... unless of course I find a bargain :wink: :D.

Luckily the ground has opened up again, and the ladies can graze more... sure helps the hay pile!



I hope it stays open until May!
Looking good WR, you are a manager in the truest sense of the title.

We have had nearly 2 feet of wet snow since Sept. 22, only about 8 to 10 inches of settled on the ground. Thankfully the first 6 inches was gone in a couple of days.
Did the wind blow any of your expensive hay away last week? I think it was strong enough to move the rocks at Vedauwoo. A couple of neighbors had wind damage to their house and barn down here and it was a lot stronger your direction.
Thanks, more often than not I think the weather and cattle manage me more than anything... but I like to pretend I know what I'm doing :? :p .

Yes, the wind has been horrible lately, it even blew part of the roof off of Sam's Club in Cheyenne on Saturday. The positive, it helped to blow open a lot of ground which had been covered up since early November. I think it was 65mph sustained, with gusts over 70+mph for most of the weekend :shock:.

I'm excited to see if these bulls will cross on the heifers. One is a Game Day son, the other is a Homer. Our neighbor went to the sale, bid on them, paid for them, and hauled them all the way home for us, now that's a good neighbor! :D
Thanks for posting the pictures. I especially liked #3.

Have had exceptionaly mild weather here so far. have had enough snow to make the ground white a few times 2 1/2 inches was the most. No snow anywhere now. The coldest it has been was -9 F.

Normaly we don't get a lot of snow here it is the drifting that causes the problems. Temperatures here can fluculate a lot, Useuall if we have an extremly warm day you can figure that the warm air is being pushed by a cold front, so watch out for the next day.

It is overcast here this morning, didn't get very cold last night, the barometer has dropped quite a bit from yesterday. I haven't checked the forecast but mild weather was forecast for tomorrow the last I checked. I plan to go to Rapid City tomorrow for a Dr. appointment, so hope it is still mild.
Wyoming Rancher, looks like everthing is well under control in your neck of the woods. The cattle are in great condition, and there appears to be adequate moisture for grass to start growing in the spring. Thanks for the pictures.

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