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Women versus Men

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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota
Don't believe I've ever won an argument with a woman, a mule or a fool!

Dad always said that you can't argue with a damn fool. I think it's possible but a real waste of effort.

I have noticed that if you get someone to argue with you, you will get their real feelings on a subject. But I doubt you can change anyone's views.

As far as exchanges with the oppisite sex, some of my best friends are women. I like the way that their minds work. Sure don't understand it tho'! :roll: :shock: :( :eek: 8) :lol:
reader (the Second) said:
Have y'all noticed how many of the posters, including those who can fight a good fight, are female? Shelly, Tam, MRJ, Kathy, etc. Nice to see such easy and even exchange, albeit heated, between women and men.

And you.
Easier to admit defeat,then to argue with a woman!!They stay a lot happier,when i say i am wrong and they are right.I like the way there minds think also,never a dull moment with a good woman around.
They stick to the facts. Many are ingenious in turning things around to suit themselves. I applaud reader(the second) for her effort to put research facts on this forum. I'm still leary of those that draw conclusions from them. I am guilty of that too. It's easy to do under the present circumstances. You gals that want to bring facts to our attention are a real asset to the discussion.

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