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World beef market

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Feb 14, 2005
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Calgary Alberta
:roll: It is always amazing to hear and read about border issues, country of origin labeling, and the unspoken protectionist agenda of Rcalf. Beef is traded all over the world these days, and the price of beef is based on that very "world" market. American protectionist can't stand when Canadians or our new found packer allies against them (give me a break) talk about a North American beef industry. It is a lot broader than that boys. The beef industry is a world wide industry. We can all brag about quality, but quality is more preference than anything else. Australia is not stupid when it comes to grain finishing. They are moving that direction more and more, as their Asian customers demand it. Cattle eat better in cooler climates leading to youthful fat cattle in the nothern climates, and leaner type Brahman cattle work better in the heat. It is simply a joke to claim that something like Country of Origin Labeling would direct American customers to American beef. Life is full of change, and we either brace ourselves and accept it, or we fight it every step of the way like Rcalf has chosen.
rkaiser, you rebel, change cannot be good, it won't be like it used to be, the good old days, remember? Hey maybe we can get a new player into the market, like the rich Japanese or Koreans, competition for the big three, no that's change, couldn't be good!
I was wondering when the Aussies would start building more feedlots. It is not much further of a step to finish thier cattle on grain if the customers demand it. It will just be harder for us to rebuild our asian market. With all of Brazils grain, it will just be a matter of time before they "make the switch" too. I sure hope the type of cattle we feed up north will make the difference. I think so, but I'm biased. Anyhow, I run a mixed operation, so anytime a country feeds more grain to their cows its going to help out the world grain prices somewhat.

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