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Worming your Horse

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Feb 28, 2005
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How often does everyone worm there horses? I know timing is different with different conditions. Which type of wormer do you prefer best and why?
Panacur. Because it is safe ALWAYS and gets more worms.

Same thing as Safeguard for cattle. Gets more worms than any of the others.

Here is a little tip. Buy a tube of Safeguard, it is the same as Panacur only cheaper, because it says 'cattle wormer' not 'horse wormer.'

Trust me, it is the exact same!!

If you are really having a worm problem you can do the Power Pack, where you worm every day with Panacur (fenabenzadol) for so many days. Do it with Safeguard and save money!!

Hope this helps!!

Safeguard does not get bots however, so after a hard freeze in the fall we use Equvalan. It comes in liquid form and it easy to give in the mouth. Easier than the paste, actually.
We use ivomec injectable.....NOT IVOMEC PLUS...(it'll kill a horse) but we use the regular ivomec injectable but we don't inject it..we just put 10 cc's in their feed. If you take your horse to the vet and have him "tube wormed" that's what the vet uses. No mess...just mixed in with sweet feed..they eat it all and none goes to waste like with paste wormers. We worm about once ever 6 to 8 weeks.
we also use ivomec for gittin rid of ear mites in dogs ears.
We use the Ivomec injectable (for cattle), draw it into a syringe, and inject the contents of this syringe into a big one with no needle on it that has 10 or 15 cc's of pancake sypup already in it. Some of the horses (once they're used to it) will actually suck it out of the syringe.
Every three or four months.... more often if they are on short grass, less if grass is tall or ground is white. Or I forget :oops: or procrastinate.... :wink:
This thread reminds me, yesterday a teen told me she'd heard that women would purposely eat a tapeworm back in the old days to achieve a tiny waist for the wasp-waisted look when they corsetted themselves in and wore bussles (however that is spelled). Amazing in this day of idiotic weight ideas among girls that the idea hasn't resurfaced.
Well, back to your horse-worming thread.
Yeap what she told you is true..women back in the victorian era (I think that's when it was) would eat tapeworms to make themselves thin. Crazy huh?? As if the corset wasn't bad enuff!!!! Musta been some tuff women to eat worms....that's bad as havin to eat a snake.....lol
USgal-In-Manitoba said:
How often does everyone worm there horses? I know timing is different with different conditions. Which type of wormer do you prefer best and why?

I worm every 4 months. I use ivermectin horsewormers. In the spring and summer I switch to exodus or quest. They say this helps prevent horses from developing an immunity to ivermectin products. :!:
'bout 3 times a year, I use the Ivermec injectible squirt into mouth and safeguard.

I've used pouron Ivermect on feeder horses, and it worked and didn't burn hide. I still won't use it on a good saddle horse.
any of you gals want a tapeworm, let me know--have to deworm the dogs about 2-3X/yr--i could collect a little one and mail it to ya!

the switch from ivermec occasionally (sp?) makes sense, but my question is, are there signs of ivomec resistance? i mean, it seems to be the the best thing since sliced bread, but it's been around for what, 15-20 years, seems like there'd be some resistance building up that could really bite all of us in the behind, so rotating wormers seems sensible.

i know, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", but then you have "an ounce of prevention's worth a pound of cure", too. to me, rotating wormers makes a lot of sense. just my own opinion.
Ivermectin will kill most worms in a horse except either tapeworms or roundworms I dont remember which, pyrantel the ingredient in strongid will kill what the ivermectin doesnt but it wont get bots so I use an ivermectin in the fall after a killing frost other wise i rotate between the two. As for duration between wormings i usually go about 3 months or when I remember to which ever comes first.


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