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Wow talk about carma

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Feb 10, 2005
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Congressman Fredrica Wilson was out in the media claiming Trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog and shot for being Black. The man that shot him is using the Florida law Stand Your Ground to defend himself and guess who Voted to pass said law.

Florida Congressman Wilson, 39 to 0 vote.

And does anyone happen to know the name of the Black man that shot the White guy and was charge not with second degree murder but manslughter AND is using the STAND YOUR GROUND LAW as his defense in Florida? I hear the trial is to start this week. Gee let's see why isn't the press all over this Stand Your Ground case? Could it be because the victim wasn't Black but the perp was? :?
Black Teens Beat 50 Year-Old White Man With Hammer Near Sanford, FL… Media Silent

Suspects Julius Bender, and Yahaziel Israel beat the victim with a hammer then dragged him from his car and beat him some more.

A fifty year old man, race undisclosed, is on life support after a near fatal beating. Police have arrested two black teens. The attack occurred near the community where the Trayvon Martin self-defense shooting took place.

The victim is from Winter Springs, which is 88% white. The victim was attacked in nearby Midway, which is 94% black. Both communities are within about a six-mile radius of Sanford.

The two suspects face charges of attempted first-degree murder, burglary with assault or battery and armed burglary. They are accused of beating the man in the head with a hammer. The suspects are 18 and 19.

Even though the police put the race of the victim in the incident report, the media censored this information. A reporter for the Orlando Sentinel confirmed that the race of the victim was omitted on purpose. The Orlando Sentinel removed the suspects' mug shots shortly after CofCC.org wrote about the attack. Then when CofCC.org readers began posting angry comments on the Orlando Sentinel website, the mug shots went back up a few hours later.

is black violence so routine that the media doesn't even report it now?
The Obama Administration might not have been transparent but the left bias media sure is. :roll:

In the Trayvon case the media broadcast to the world the victim was a black shot by a White guy. When the truth came out Zimmerman was as much white as the first black President but that didn't fit their agenda so he was ruled WHITE. With this case the media is withholding the race of the victim as that information is on a need to know basis and the public doesn't need to know as it doesn't fit the left bias media's agenda to stir up their black base to get them to get out and vote for Obama. :x

Every report the media puts out from now until November is going to have to be research to find the rest of the story they are hiding. :x

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