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Wrangler Update.

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
Well he was doin better until yesterday, I'd talked to the vet yesterday mornin and told him he'd stopped the vomiting sunday, but was still loosin blood out the south end. Bein a wiener dog, he dont have a whole lot to loose. Yesterday evenin about 4 he took a turn for the worse, so I called the vet back, he said brang him on in. Took him in, he did some checkin, pokin and proddin (that Wrangler did not appreciate in the least) Anyway, he said it was a virus caused by a bacteria like he thought when I called him last Friday. Only thing, it's one that's a lil stronger strain or somethin and doesn't just run it's course like most 24/48 hour varieties.(Not alot of this type thing comes in very often he said) Plus him bein such a small dog with such a big infection, his lil body just couldnt fight it he said. Gave me some high powered anti-inflamatory-Antibiotics to give him twice a day for 14 days. He's already actin like he's feelin better, but still not wantin to eat very much at all. But that will come with time.

Hate it when the lil fellers under the weather, dont realize how much company/companionship he is till he's not his lil happy self.

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