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Wrote a poem sunday

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leanin' H

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Nov 8, 2007
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Western Utah Desert
I’ve got some good friends who have surely been struggling with grief. My own opinion has drastically changed about dealing with it as I’ve aged. And my concern for my friends dealing with the loss of kids or a spouse got me to thinking. And when I think i usually write. And so here is what I’ll share with y’all in hopes maybe it help a small measure.


It's an awfully fickle companion
As is becomes a part of your life.
It is always there, in the shadows,
And it can bring pain and tears and strife.

I used to think it only stayed a while,
And after you'd passed through.
It left you to your living,
But I think we all see that ain't true.

It never truly leaves us.
Once it horns it's way in deep.
It welds itself to each our hearts
And it even visits in our sleep.

The smallest things can set it off,
A song, place or memory.
And grief's power equals the love we feel,
For what feels like eternity.

And while it's hard to hurt, don't forget,
It's love that causes pain.
The missing comes when people leave,
But we will see em someday again.

Grief can seem to overpower,
The light that's in our hearts.
But memories gift, still shines bright,
And maybe that's the place to start.

Rely on memories tucked away,
And stored up in our mind.
Replay them often as ya need,
And I bet money that you'll find,

Grief will slowly lessen some,
And brightness will shine the way.
The darker times will fade a bit,
And though they never go away,

Love is the greater power
Even stronger than this grief.
And only love can bring us comfort,
And offer tiny, beautiful relief.

Grief is part of every life,
It is natural and it is real.
But love is where the power is,
And it's what helps your heart to heal.

Love don't end when life is done,
It will always be our true light.
It binds our souls together,
Even when gone from mortal sight.

DEH September 23'

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