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WWII Vets~let us remember

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Feb 11, 2005
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This story is incredible. Send this touching two-minute video about World War II veterans to FIVE friends and family to remind them that every day alive in this great, free country is truly a bonus. Let's get 50,000 views for the video by Memorial Day (May 30th) to show these living heroes, one last time, just how grateful we are for their unbelievable sacrifice. The video is a trailer to a documentary that will come out in November. The more we can show interest in the trailer (i.e. views), the more Americans will get to see the film. Time is running out: 1,000 WWII vets die every day. We are free today because of these men and women. The least we can do is watch a web video and send it to five people. Let's get this mission done!

Thanks to this generation's heros we can enjoy our hotdogs and freedom. Without them we would all be speaking German and saluting a Dictator !

Thanks to all our heros for their great sacrfices for us....even today!


Shameui, if you have a degrogatory comment, please refrain,
I don't care to read it. This is about HEROES.
"We are free today because of these men and women"

I don't want to take anything away from your thread FH, because the vets of WWII truly sacrificed, but I've always wondered about this statement.

Would it not be more accurate to say "the people of Europe are free today because of these men and women"?

Americans and Canadians (North Americans), saved the Europeans from Hitler, etc. But I'm not too sure what the danger was to North America, if we had stayed out of it, but defended our borders.

I hope this is taken correctly. What I am trying to say is that we defended/protected other "peoples" more so than ourselves. Which is quite a bit more honorable than just protecting ones self.

If we take this further, to more recent times....

I could care less the reasons given for going into Iraq or Afghanistan, but we are fighting for others' freedoms more so than ourselves. Yes, there has been innocents lost due to us being in those Countries, but when you look at the big picture, more lives have been saved from the tyrannical governments that were in charge and more freedoms gained.

to be willing to put your own citizens in danger to protect others, is truly honorable.

Maybe other Countries should be reminded what we have done, and what we continue to do, for them, more so than what we have done for ourselves.
When you look back at history, you wonder what would have happened if the US would have entered that war earlier.

I was only nine years old when World War II started. At that time I was in the 5th and 6th grade. One of those years we were studying world history. My teacher Mrs. Lord, was about 60 years old. She told us it was the tuitions, the fair skined blonde people who defeated the Romans. She said they were people who liked war. That probaly was not true.

Hitler got into power because of Germanys depressed economy, which was partly brought about because after World War I France had put her in an ecconomic vice.
In 1940 Roosevelt could see that Great Britian was being whipped, but the American people wanted to remain neutral. My parents did not vote for Roosevelt that fall because they believed he would get us into the war.

I believe England would have went down the the other European countries if we had not helped them. I may be wrong, but I believe when the US built the F-51 fighter plane for England it had a great effect at saving England from Germanys bombs. This fighter plane was designed and put into production in only about 4 months. It used a Rolls Royce engine, the ones for the US used a Packard engine.
Just a reminder that we in the southern hemisphere also contributed soldiers and weapons to the defence of Europe. The Australians, Naw Zealanders, and several African states made significant per capita contributions. Rhodesia sent the highest per capita number of their population to both world wars, and financed their own war effort unlike all other African colonies (Rhodesia was self ruling), and was still supporting the west in 1965 when our country was outlawed (we had SAS troops supporting the British in Aden, they had to be diplomatically withdrawn).

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