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Wyoming cowboys, help!!!!! Bad law in Cheyenne in the works

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Mar 2, 2005
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Hey! Y'all have got to do something up there before it's too late if it's not already! Here's a report on something that could be a very bad precedent if it passes. It could start a war all over the country!!!!!

USA Today - Across The USA - "Wyoming: Cheyenne - A proposal before the City Council will make it illegal to have loose, live animals riding in the back of pickup trucks. Councilman Jimmy Valdez said he's worried about animal safety, but he also fears for people in cars behind someone with loose animals."

Now, you tell me folks, how many times have you seen a live animal other than a dog riding in the back of a pickup truck? Also, I would have to say that at least 99.99% of all dogs I've seen riding in the back of trucks were extremely happy to be there with their ears blowing in the wind.

I've heard of this sort of thing before. It's a favorite subject of a lot of animal rights groups. I have a lot of fond memories of "Rip", the #1 cowdog riding in the back of the truck even when the others couldn't go. He would bark at an animal rights person now and then, but he never tried to jump out unless he was supposed to.

Sounds like somebody ought to find out who Jimmy Valdez has been talking to, and then go have a talk with him. Wyoming, you really don't want to let a law like this get passed, do you? Just think of all the ribbing and the cussin' you are going to take from all the other folks. It's time for action!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
Our neighbor is kind of a weird gal, she has about 30 head of sheep, and 5 goats. One day a goat of hers came over to our place to visit. Upon return, the goat bolted and was seen running over the horizon. She went to fetch the goat, and that is all we heard. The next day at about one o'clock I saw her go by with the goat tied up in the back of her truck. The following day I went out to their house to help them sort, I parked by the corrals, and noticed the goat was still residing in the back of her pickup. When asked she said she was punishing the goat. A little radical I thought, dry-lotting a goat for 2 days in the back of a pickup! The next time I saw her I noticed her caddilac's vinyl roof was ripped off, and all of the trim was gone, I asked her what happened, and she said she let the goat go that night, and in the morning the goat had completely destroyed her roof, and all of her trim, including the hood ornament. She took the goat to the vet and the vet confirmed her suspicions. There was a wad of vinyl, some large paint chips, silicon sealant, and a caddilac hood emblem in the goats stomach. I didn't hear what happened to the goat, nor did I hear about the retreval of such goods.
Reminds me of a few years ago-- I had a neighbor whose wife worked at a Vet Clinic- She ended up with this one eyed two year old miniature stud horse.....One day he got out and came down to visit- and if that wasn't something watching him chase my mares around- definitely had the desire, but just wasn't built to handle the job.... Anyway I got him corralled in the only corral that would hold him- the goat pen .... Neighbor came over in his little Toyota pickup- put a halter on his steed, loaded him in the back of the Toyota while his son held the rope to keep him from jumping out, and took him home... I always wish I could have taken a picture as they drove down the lane---Horseranching, Japanese Style......
Some people sure get some weird ideas and like most every locale, we got them around here, too.

A neighbour was surprised to see a cop stop in one day, but even more so when the cop told him they got a complaint that his dog was riding on the 4-wheeler with him. Seems his neighbour lady thought the doggie should be wearing a helmet for its own safety. :?
if memory serves me right, they tried passing a similar city ordinance in our community a few years back making it punishable by a large fine to have a dog "loose" in the back of a truck in city limits....not good around here :shock: many a rancher stops in town after a tough day and downs a few at the local "refreshment shop" (that's politically correct speak for the local bar :D ) and, of course, leaves Fido in the back of the truck...well, as our luck would have it, one of our beloved (hear the sarcasm, yet??) tourist/summer-resident/fish-hippie (don't ask what a fish-hippie is...not really sure myself...just heard 'em called that) folks decided to try and pet old Fido and damn near drew back a bloody stump!! takes all kinds, huh?? :roll:
It's the law in the State of California and I see some need for it.

At the Auction yard my Dad called the SPCA after fighting with some people that had 3 goats, 2 lambs, and a feeder pig "Hog Tied" pourly in the back of an open Pick-up and two guys holding a 1000# sow with ropes and going to ride in the back with her. (on the busy 101 hiway)


On Hiway #1 a speeding Pick-up passed us with their dog ridding lose on top of their tool box Slidding back and forth at each turn. Several turn down the road that dog was plastered to the grill of an 18 weeler comming our way.

It seems we all must pay for the actions of others.

Our Dogs at taught to ride down in the Pick-up Box - - if loose all most anyone can get tools out - But if we snap a chain to them - look out :mad:
Bark and bite in city's new dog care laws

By Adriel Hampton
Staff Writer
Saturday, January 15, 2005

A dog's life got a little better in San Francisco on Tuesday when three laws were passed aimed at mandating standards of care and behavior by dog guardians -- and putting some bite into punishing offenders. <You no longer can own your dog in this city>

The most sweeping of the new laws mandates humane treatment for all companion dogs. The law makes an exception for homeless people and their dogs. (big offenders)

Violators face fines and/or time in jail.
The "backyard dog" ordinance was modeled after a similar law in Los Angeles and is directed at residents who keep their dogs outside.

Media attention to the new law led to 15 calls to the Department of Animal Care and Control in the past 10 days and the seizure of three animals in substandard conditions, said department director Carl Friedman.

"It has been incredibly helpful in increasing public awareness and letting people know we are putting the tools in place to remedy egregious cruelty to dogs kept outside 24-7," Supervisor Bevan Dufty said.

Dufty also hopes to bring attention to the need for more San Franciscans to register their dogs, which can be done through the city treasurer's Web site. Of The City's estimated 100,000 to 120,000 dogs -- a number that rivals the population of children in San Francisco -- approximately 20,000 are registered. (is money behind this law)

Registration of The City's dogs could bring in as much as a half-million dollars in new revenue, much of which would go to animal welfare, said Dufty, who won office in District 8 two years ago in part on a pro-dog platform.

Two other dog-related ordinances passed: one requiring the exchange of personal information upon a dog bite and the other banning owners of vicious dogs from having any dogs for three years.

Two years ago, the board passed legislation naming pet owners "guardians," and last month it set strict rules on future confinement of elephants at the local zoo.

"Is this the animal care and control board or the Board of Supervisors?" Supervisor Tom Ammiano quipped. "Elephants, dogs, what's next?"

Doggie daycare
Dog companaions by law are now required to provide:

Clean, dry shelter with a floor, roof and three sides, with room for the dog to turn around

Adequate food for maintaining body condition and daily fresh water (no more water trophs) in a tip-proof container

Tethers must be 10 feet or more with a non-choke collar or body harness or a pulley-like system

Punishment if found abusing these laws:

Fines start at $50 and mistreatment could lead to a misdemeanor charge punishable by a $1,000 fine and or jail time

Who is exempt: "Homeless people" (Maybe we should SELL our House/Ranch :!:)

Other aspects of the new law:

Vicious dogs. Grants authority to Department of Animal Care and Control hearing officers to prohibit owners of vicious dogs from owning a new dog for three years Dog bites. Requires dog owners to exchange personal contact information and rabies vaccine history with any person their dog bites, or the guardian of any bitten animal, as well as to notify Animal Care and Control
Source: Board of Supervisors
when i was in college ( a college town with 32000 STUDENTS alone) i had the best dog i've ever owned, a rott/g. shep cross spayed bitch who rode in the back of my 1960 ford pick up at all times, unless she was up front with me. after reading some about training guard dogs, and thinking about liability, i installed a sign in the back window that said "Warning: Attack Dog. Stay Back"--because she was so pretty that the students (admittedly usually within walking ditance of my favorite beer joint), wanted to "pet" her. she did not approve. and she would sucker them: sit there lookin' so pretty and nice, but when anyone got within lunging distance, guess what??!! just doin' her job...
i guess, just goes to show--even well-educated people can't read! learn by doin' :D

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