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Wyoming Environmental Ranch winners tour

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Feb 11, 2005
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Cabin Creek, Carlile,Wyoming
Wyoming Environmental Ranch winners
Went to the tour yesterday of the Summers Ranch on the Green River in Sublet County. The private in only 1% of the land they run on but makes up 55% of the AUM. After branding in the spring the turn onto the a common BLM allotment of over 50,000 acres that over 26 miles long. After only a month they gather and push into the Fenced stocked drive way for an almost 30 mile drive to the forest allotment. Some place trail close to 150 miles thru the drive way to the allotment. The forest allotment on the upper Green losses to Grizzly and wolves the last few years has been around 8% of the calf crop. The cattle drift home mid Oct. with choke points where the 10 different ranch sort off their pairs and bulls and the rest drift down to the next sort.
Good Day, good food, good friends.

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