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Years End Ranch Poetry

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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NE Oregon
Eastern Oregon Reminiscing

Ranch women, the real cowgirls
Pride themselves on a life of twirls

Simply put when a cowboy can unravel
Female mysteries, then time to hit the gravel

A ranch without cattle doesn’t a cowgirl boast
A ranch with horses alone, only horsegirls does it host

Horsegirls are easy for a cowboy to unravel and figure out
Real cowgirls differ, leaving the cowboy confused with pout

The real ranch cowgirl has to remain mysterious
Driving the cowboy crazy, trying to restrain furious

Old Waylon sang about cowboys with a plea to their mama
Cowgirls hated that tune, for fear men might trade cows for a llama

A ranch woman knows how to take a stance
A smart cowboy ponders and weights his chance

With hands on hips and the sun is noon high
A cowboy must try to decipher the narrowed eye

Cowboys must not think about these mysteries too long
Or hide in the barn drinking whiskey and writing a song

What did he do wrong or is it just a stance
Should he inquire or just go with the dance

If a cowgirl dismounts and walks her horse
Should a cowboy fret and shout till hoarse

With cattle being pushed to lower pasture
Her pose, her stance may bring disaster

Her pose was just for a photo for Ruralite
A magazine with ad to end her widow plight

Taken by a friend who sought for her a man
She posed refusing to turn, she held her stand

Her stance perfected did chill through the hide
And all the real cowboys knew just to let it ride

Addressed to the widow lady on the Old Rural Stage
Rural magazine single meetups were all the rage

Many a drugstore cowboy letter arrived in the old mail truck
She answered with one line ... "Sorry about your bad luck"

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