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FH-----so glad to hear that you finally had some good news!! my prayers are with you!! :)
rained and snowed in ennis the last few days...only to turn sunny for maybe 5 minutes...sure am enjoying the moisture....that is, until i get to the top of Homestake Pass and it gets slushy and ichy!! Oh well, still cannot complain about the moisture...no matter what form :wink:

Glad to hear the great news about your dad and the weather! It sounds like you definitely had a blessed Easter holiday!


Thanks for the cheerful attitude --as others have said, your attitude is definitely uplifting-thanks! It's good to hear that you've been getting moisture too. I'm glad to hear your dad is getting along better too!

Have a great day--

Faster Horses,
Your father certainly must be tough! That was great news. Must be watching all that pro bull riding on tv!

We've been sort of at the other end waiting while the son of a friend is in the process of dying as a result of a suicide attempt last week, all body systems slowly shutting down. A young man in his 20s who has had many mental problems since early childhood. A very sad situation for his family who has tried so hard to get him straightened out all these years but he consistently has made poor choices. We guess his mental pain was just too much for him to carry any longer.
Always seems so strange that there are those like your dad who are fighting the odds to live while others are begging to leave healthy bodies to die. Just shows the mind-spirit-body connection.

Happy Spring to your dad and your family.
nr---so sorry to hear about your friends son! :cry: i can only begin to imagine the pain one must be in to honestly believe that the only way out is the PERMANENT way! my prayers are with them as they struggle to make sense with it all!!!

nr-I feel so very sorry for the pain those are going through that knew that young man. Suicide is so senseless, yet we know what we thought were extraordinary people that commited this senseless act. The wondering of 'why?' seems to never, ever go away.

In regards to dad, someone said to me, "I just pray the good Lord takes him home." My reply was, "I cannot pray for that when my dad wants to LIVE and is fighting to LIVE! I pray for God's Will to be done." And I believe that is just what is happening. He really has been at death's door several times here in just the past year, only to rally and keep on keeping on.

And yes, he really is tough.
And he has never lost his sense of humor~
faster horses, your points on your father's will to live and your "Thy will be done" attitude are demonstrative of good, strong character.... in you both, IMO. Keep it up! I know the last years/illnesses of those near and dear, family or friends are so bittersweet. So many memories to cherish...and also the pain of the loss to come. My mother has been gone 21 years this month, and memories of her sneak up at odd times......most often when I see a child or animal do something humorous. Sounds as if you will have many of those moments in the future. It is a bit strange, because usually my first thought is: Oh, I've got to remember to tell mom about this, she will get such a kick out of it, then realize, well I guess she already knows it!

nr, I can really empathize with you, as well. Our family has been through a suicide of a spouse of a cousin, and others we were close to. Sometimes it just seems life is too much for some people to bear. And maybe they act too quickly. I can't believe that if they could really know and understand the pain and anguish it leaves with their family they would do it. I believe your friends are blessed to have friends like you to help them through this. It has to be especially tough for your son and other young friends, too. It seems understandable to me that family and friends are angry at the person who causes them such pain, even as they understand the pain that person experienced which caused them to do it. And round and round it goes in our minds. Anger and pain and guilt and helplessness, till we can, hopefully, finally come to forgiveness.

The call we were expecting came about an hour ago. The young man did finally die which, at that point, can only be called a blessing because had he survived he'd have had huge physical problems heaped onto the mental ones.
Just as you said MRJ, the boy's father is going around and around with the
"if I'd only called him one more time it wouldn't have happened."
All we can do is remind the father that he'd rescued this confused son all his life from one messy situation after another, and the son would have found some route for suicide sooner or later. An independent person is just that- independent for good or for ill.
We're trying to focus on the fact that the son is now at peace and reunited with his very dear and caring mother who died when the son was a young teen.
i wish i could add something here, but all i can think of right now is "there but the grace of god go i". i have been to the point of "i am NOT responsible for his choices", feeling at the same time that i am, i screwed up somehow in raising him. it's hard.

we cannot take it all upon ourselves, it's NOT all our fault. People make choices regardless of OUR feelings--we are not god. we don't know everything....
MRJ-thanks so much for your kind words.

I understand what you mean about the loss of your mother. My dear mother passed away 26 years ago at the young age of 59~which is the age I am right now.

I feel the loss all over again when I come across a recipe written in her hand. Along with many other things, she was a wonderful cook.

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