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yo hanta yo

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Feb 10, 2005
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Did you get a chance to get to the Central Montana Gelbvieh sale in Lewistown. If so how did it go

Yo, back, EL,

No, I didn't get to the Central Montana Gelbvieh sale. Actually I didn't know when it was to happen. When was it?? I've been kinda busy with CattleWomen stuff so I may have been gone.

Oh, BTW, you take your handle from "Blazing Saddles"? Spouse and I were thinking where we heard the word elwapo before, and figured it was the big guy in Blazing Saddles. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Too bad the border closed, we have some pretty nice bulls for sale. They are out of Carolina Power, 18 mos old and ready to go!!!

Have a good weekend.
Yes my handle is from "blazing saddles". One of the funniest movies of all time, in my opinion. In the past I purchased many bulls from Montana breeders due to the fact that there were many blood lines not available in Canada and a good selection of Black bulls. Actually many of my cows came from the Rankins at the Kicking Horse Ranch. I think this r-calf issue will hurt Monana purebred breeders in the long run. Canadian producers that have supported Montana breeders in the past are not likely to be back for a very long time. It would be nice to know for future reference who the r-calf members are. BTW do you know if it is true that the Montana Gelbvieh Association is a member.


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