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You know this guy Haymaker?

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Just having some fun with you Haymaker. I was looking for another poem and this one caught my eye. I think this guy perfomed here for our stockgrower day once.

Double checked my link, and you need to scroll up to the top of the poem called CALVIN OUT.


You know the other day I heard Hank Jr.'s song, A Country Boy Can Survive, and it reminded me of you for some reason. That's a compliment, because I like that song. :D


I saw a cartoon in yesterdays paper that I got a kick out of.

One guy says that he is preparing for a career writing poetry. The other guy asks, "how are you doing that"? He answers, "I am on a starvation diet". :D


FH, actually it was the Wizard of Id. I admit to a warped sense of humor, and I read it and just a few other cartoons that I enjoy.

I do like Ranching With Earl too. He is good.


Faster horses said:
Jake, I would guess that is a Wally Badgett "Ranchin with Earl" cartoon you read? Would I be right.

Pretty funny, too!

FH-My daughter caught a ride home from college the other day with a couple of the boys on the rodeo team- I found out that Wally is the rodeo team coach at Miles...I didn't know that til then- I'll bet that is a hoot :lol: .......

Faster horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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Yes, I did know he was the rodeo coach and I bet he is a hoot! But a good coach as well...

We work with Wally a bit at the paper, run his cartoons ya' know~and he is a nice guy; very nice guy.

I gave his calendars for a couple of years to our customers at Christmas time, then the bank here caught on and they do it now. I quit because no sense everyone doing it. They were fairly reasonable, too. I still use 'em, though. Everybody loves 'Earl'.

I have a Boots Reynolds calendar that we sure get a kick out of. I imagine you have seen them, as well. Always gotta find the rattlesnake in Boots calendars. Wally uses a Magpie.

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