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    A little different than the R-Calf "Convention"?

    Oldtimer, I drive by a ranch whenever I go to town that has calves wintering in a little pasture below the headquarters. They go back and forth across a little black stream caused by having their septic tank daylighted. Many times I have seen these "USA-raised BEEF"calves drinking the black water.
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    Oldtimer admits MCOOL is a crock

    We are all grateful Oldtimer has seen the light. Consumers are loyal to a certain price/quality equation.
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    Animal protein found in US feed

    I found 2 dead birds in some oats I purchased last week. This oats was born, raised, and harvested in the US. Made me think how Canada keeps getting the shaft by the doomsayers down here.
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    Captive Supply..To be (lieve) or not to be (lieve)!

    You're right Cal, if it wasn't for one baseless conspriacy after another, why would depressed farmers/ranchers need a FU? or R-CALF? or OCM? or WORC? or DRA?
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    Captive Supply..To be (lieve) or not to be (lieve)!

    And in the meantime we have record prices for feeder cattle........................along with huge imported boxed beef from Canada................go figure.......................
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    Don Tyson likes to fly a lot.

    I think if Don Tyson wants to do something like this, he probably dam sure earned the right to do it! If anyone thinks different, it's just pure jealousy. If you divide the $1.2mil by the number of cows in the US, it comes out to 3 cents per head. Whoop-de-do.
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    R-Calf's Flip - Flopping!

    OT, did you ever see today's prices before the National Beef Checkoff?
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    Bill Bullard quote

    As usual, OT didn't answer a single question........
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    R-Calf "Myths"

    Why do you trust getting your Rx from Canada then?
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    Bill Bullard quote

    Nah, why don't you call him up and ask him OT. You're likely good buddies and we know he'll tell you the truth. Then you can show us the proof he DIDN"T make the statement. 1.) BTW, would it surprise you if he DID make it? 2.)And do you agree with that statement?
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    R-Calf "Myths"

    R-CALF doesn't know what facts are! For the record: "Canadian beef is diseased beef and I will not eat it and I will not feed it to my kids and I will not feed it to my grandkids" Dennis Hanson, Fort Pierre Livestock Auction "market report" April 25, 2005 on KBHB 810 AM radio out of Sturgis, SD
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    Bill Bullard quote

    OVER HERD! How science based is this?? Bill Bullard was heard at a meeting in Missouri telling a cattle producer the following: "If I have to eat Canadian beef, I would rather eat no beef at all." Promoting not eating beef? What agenda is being promoted? A one based on science or one based...
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    Yea, but Haymaker, are they doing anything about captive supplies? :-)
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    Thank You Gary!

    Silver's right. Price, price, price....... How's Walmart doing........?
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    Derry Brownfield has it wrong.......again!

    I have to agree with Juan and MRJ. He is absolutely ridiculous with the truth. Heard him the other day rant and rave about the fact that there is "no" steel produced in the USA anymore. He then asked his guest if he was right about it. His guest was a "Quonset" maker and said all of his...