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    Black Baldy Bulls (sw)

    Northern Rancher, We have a commercial cow herd of about 50 head. I use a registered angus but all of the calves are not black, it's about 50/50. Would this be a fault in the bull or just the way things occur when crossing with a commercial herd?
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    More maountain lion stories

    Happy, Don't you have a field to plow or something???
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    southern states predators

    Our land borders a lake with gators and we have never had a problem. I've never even heard of gators getting cattle. A really good size gator is about 10 feet and I think it would have trouble taking down a full size cow. maybe it could get a calf but I've never seen it.
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    Strangest place you ever saw a cow ?

    Had one of the replacement heifers die less than a month ago. She was in a pasture and had placed her head between the fork of an oak tree. My father-in-law said it looked like maybe she was scratching herself and somehow wedged her neck in the fork and choked. Took a tractor to get her out...
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    Rumensin 80

    Hello, I am new to the forum and am way down in the sunny south. My father-in-law and I run about 50 head of commercial cows. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with Rumensin. Are there any side effects of giving it to younger heifers or calves? I have been warned before about urea...