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    Adding Sheep to a Cattle Operation

    We just finished a YouTube video on adding sheep to a cattle operation, including a look at the basic economics. I would be curious if you all have any thoughts on the video. What did we miss? Is it helpful to think about? The market for sheep sure looks strong over the next 3 years. Here...
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    New Producer Project

    A couple of years ago I asked this group to provide me with Rancher Rules of Thumb for a project I was working on. I got a lot of great feedback and 6 pages of Rules of Thumb. As a result over one thousand producers around the country got to learn about Rules of Thumb and how to use tools to...
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    Ranching "Rule of Thumb"

    Thanks for all of the input. You all had some great Rules of Thumb. I had heard some, but lots of new ones as well. Soap, I think you could throw in a few example stories of each of your Rules and have a great selling book.
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    Running numbers

    On my Wyoming Ranch Tools website www.uwyoextension.org/ranchtools I developed a calculator based on calf prices and expected gain. The calculator can work for either stockers or pairs. It at leasts gives you a good starting point in the negotiation process. The calculator is the AUM Value...
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    Ranching "Rule of Thumb"

    I am working on a project collecting "Rule of Thumb" ranch principles that we often use. I am interested to see if they are different by region, or if they are fairly uniform. I will share a few examples. Multiply your calf check by 2 and that is how much a replacement cow is worth...
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    Seeking honest feedback

    Thanks for all of your feedback. It has been really helpful. It is clear we need to work on our timing going forward. It is also clear we need to better describe our seminar. I agree with many of you it is not a valuable use of your time to listen to someone that is all Hat and no Cattle...
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    Seeking honest feedback

    Thanks for the feedback so far. Timing is always a huge problem for ranchers. Not really many times on the ranch that are convenient for seminars. Rancherfred - I would agree Range Beef Cow Symposium is a great meeting to make it to every year. Our seminar is actually designed to make...
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    Seeking honest feedback

    After reading many posts over the last year or so on this forum, it is clear that this forum is full of straight shooting ranchers with some very solid opinions. So I figured what better place to seek some advice. Over the last several years the Master Stockman team has taught numerous ranch...
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    Some pictures from the desert- part 1

    Cool pictures. I think that little canyon came strait out of a Zane Grey novel. At least that's what I imagined some of the ranches he described looking like.
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    Timely Ranch Management Seminar in Colorado

    Hey jodywy you may as well jump in and ride down to Grand Junction with us. We may even let you be a guest presenter.
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    Timely Ranch Management Seminar in Colorado

    Retooling Ranch Management Seminar - Come roll up your sleeves with Master Stockman Consulting and learn tools to improve your ranch management skills. Many ranch management seminars focus on telling producers exactly how to run their ranch. This seminar is different, we understand that no one...
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    It is often the case that the heifer will be sterile. However, if you really fall in love with a heifer in this situation and would like to keep her as a breeding heifer you can send a blood sample into one of the DNA labs and they can test to see if she is a Free Martin. Its been a while...
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    Ranch Management Seminar

    January 12th is the last day to register for this seminar at the current rate. We are looking forward to a great seminar, but still have some open slots. Come and join us it will be worth the investment in money and time. For more information go to www.masterstockman.com. Don't plan to come...
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    Prospective opportunity to increase our cowherd

    H, My team and I are doing a one day workshop in Tooele, UT on January 12th at the Extension office. I will be teaching how to use a tool on my website that helps you determine how much you can afford to pay for a cow. If you come to the class I would also be happy to provide you with a...
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    Ranch Management Seminar

    The seminar is partially grant funded allowing us to offer it at such a reasonable price. Without that funding we would need to charge $2000. Even though we are very confident in the seminar and the tools, we also agree that the networking among producers is as valuable as the seminar.