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    Ultrasound on Galloway Bulls

    http://beefmagazine.com/mag/beef_breed/ An article by Roy Wallace and Harlan Ritchie in Beef Magazine discusses some interesting notions about breed histories, in case anyone finds such things interesting.
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    Ultrasound on Galloway Bulls

    Hey folks, haven't peeked at these boards for a long while, but thought i would contribute ultrasound data for kicks. My daughter and I took 3 of our non-show type Galloways (low frame scores) to Denver a couple of weeks ago. We had the white bull calf ultrasounded, age 9 mos, who had rec'd 8...
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    Frame size and genetics. This IS NOT a biased thread.

    Hey all, Just adding my two cents on frame size discussion. You can knock the frame off of your replacement heifers in the first generation if you go to a good frame 3 bull. Even a two. True, your neighbors will snicker. We have used a frame 3 bull for the past 4 years. Because we are a...
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    Thousand Hills

    mrj... Not real sure where you are located, but I do know an organic grassfed beef producer in Montana who finishes his Galloways on those hard grasses, then sells them at his gate for $1.45 to $1.50 per pound liveweight, and I believe that is no shrink, no shipping. I have good friends in...
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    Does this seem like a good idea?

    Well, Manhattan is 80 miles from us. So actually, I don't think its such a great idea. This is the first i've heard that the 'bioscience' lab would actually be handling such diseases. It's been promoted in rather rosy terms across the state. I think i'll forward the article to the Gov and our...
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    Shorthorn Question

    Thanks for the tip Shorthorn and RedBulls2. Is the Lauer herd in Abilene KS, or TX? He might be a good person to discuss the Whitebred vs Shorthorn question with. Does he have a website? Oh well, I can google for that.
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    Shorthorn Question

    Nah, we don't show. Except daughter does 4H steer every year. The blue gray is a good-doing sort that keeps the broader grazing preferences of the Galloway and adds a bit more milk. But mostly I just like the looks of them. :) I guess I'm pretty much a non-conformist. I like what I like, as...
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    Shorthorn Question

    So, I see there are a few shorthorn breeders here. Do any of you know the difference between the Whitebred shorthorns of the UK as compared to a white shorthorn of the USA? I have been interested for sometime in AI'ing a few of our black Galloways to the Whitebred shorthorn to produce the Blue...
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    Funny all the hereford bashing lately

    I recently wrote an article for the AGBA (American Galloway Breeders' Assoc) that was based on research in Germany. The Image Analysis System (also known as Computer Image Analysis, CIA) is the real truth detector in the world of beef quality assurance. CIA can view deposits of fat down to the...
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    RFI tested Hereford bull

    One question I have had about these RFI tests is how do the evaluations take into account compensatory gain and/or normal growth spurts? Wouldn't those two things tend to skew the results a bit if they happened to occur while an animal is on test? I'm certain they have a means of...
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    COOL ID may take effect July of 08

    So is it just me, or is COOL basically going to be the front door to NAIS?
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    COOL ID may take effect July of 08

    Sooo, will producers need a 'producer ID' RFID tag and then another ID that individually ID's each animal?
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    COOL ID may take effect July of 08

    Admittedly I was half asleep when the farm program came on the radio this AM, but I am quite sure I heard that identification of calves for COOL purposes may kick into effect starting in July of this year. I'm not sure if that means calves born after July 1 2008. Anyway, is RFID going to be the...
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    MoGal... PureCountry is correct: the Hang 5 genetics are made for grass. Low frame score, lots of meat. They're raised at altitude and walk up and down mountainsides all day long. We've AI'd with a couple of the old Certified Meat Sire sons. On our website we have pictured a H5 Lidey's Dream...
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    New to forum, Introduction

    A Big Thank You to each of you on the welcoming committee. Nice to find out there are fellow Kansan's among us! When I get good and smart at this, I'll post a couple of pix. I have really enjoyed seeing the photos of other folks' cattle and operations.