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    Ole 47 John Deere

    Good looking "B" Hay Maker! I'll have to go take the 50 out for a drive this afternoon now that I'm thinking Johnny Poppers. Can't wait for hay season so I can spend the day on it.
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    Hauled Hay

    I haven't been keeping up with the forum for a few months so I didn't even know you got hurt Denny. Them's some good friends you have up there! Hope you get back in shape soon! Tom
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    Refugee Housing

    I'll have the daughter take a picture of the 50 soon Hay Maker. I bought a digital camera this past spring. Had alot of pictures on the computer and what'ya know, lightening blasted them all away last week. Just setting up a new computer now.
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    My reliable corn forcast for CattleCo.

    Going $1.50 to $1.60 around here at the local elevators. And the new crop isn't all that bad looking in the fields. Everything of ours will be chopped this year...soon.
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    Refugee Housing

    I heard on the news today that a few thousand are coming here to Camp Riply in central MN. Not exactly tropical either once the seasons change.
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    Alternative Fuels

    The diesel was originally invented to run on peanut oil or similar oils. Cheap petroleum won out. But that'll be changing. At our recent county fair they held an energy fair in conjunction with the regular fair. They had the whole ball of wax there, even a large wind turbine. They had two cars...
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    ~SH~ the pollock

    Don't worry MRJ, us Polocks on the board don't worry about political correctness. Polocks tell the best Polish jokes, believe me. Hey Hay Maker, isn't your wife one half Polish?
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    HAY MAKER,hard at work

    Jake,I have the address in my desk for the book and to tell you the truth it had slipped my mind until your post reminding me of it. I'll send it out this week. Getting feeble minded I guess. Other than going senile things are going pretty good in my area this year, a little on the dry side but...
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    HAY MAKER,hard at work

    Good picture Haymaker! Your desk resembles mine. I was at our county fair this afternoon and the two cylinder club was set up with a heck of a line of two bangers. It made my day! I told them guys that my daughter and I were just working ours out yesterday. Them guys acted like they couldn't...
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    Has GOD changed His mind?

    MLA"The Tower of Babel didn't work out too good either. I think we are starting to walk in some of the same steps that our far, distant past ancesters did with bad results." You got that right, and in my humble opinion God doesn't change but people are always trying to assume the role. And...
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    Hypothetical, just for fun.

    Denny, Is that that good dog that I seen? I hope she gets back up to snuff.About 14 years ago I ran over the best dog I ever had, a mutt that could do anything.Over a dozen years she was a friend and the best help a guy could get. She was getting pretty old and hard of hearing and was laying...
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    Hot your way?

    Well that gives me alot to look forward to tommorrow. Mid 90s here now with high humidity. Getting a little on the dry side. Got the first crop of hay done yesterday, above average crop.I think I'll take it easy the rest of the weekend.
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    HEY TOM S,

    You bet, Hay Maker!! The neighbor over the hill was a pounding away with his "A" today hauling bales. This morning I was hauling bales with the "50". Them tractors just can't be beat. Thanks for the pictures!
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    Musicians here?

    Can't say that I have seen one of those electric jobs. Mines just the old fashion squeeze box. Was just shy of $500 in 1964 so transalated into todays dollars it was fairly expensive. That's a good reminder about the dogs howling LB, my regular accordian will start them howling miles away if the...
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    Musicians here?

    Yup, 120 bass buttons, although in reality a person only uses a few for most songs. Learned that critter when I was in the fourth grade. Used to just hate going to my grandparents house in town on Saturday evenings and they always had Larence Welk on TV. Know how to play it pretty good but like...