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    Moved from Coffee Shop: Moderating complaints

    It's amazing how PigFarmer has so much time on his hands. Also how full of spite he is and how much he likes to sow negativity. Also interesting that he has a vendetta again certain people, such as OT, yet he only fairly recently started posting on Ranchers. Where did all that venom come from...
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    This is both sickening and terrifying.

    The WSJ article is a good one. Thanks for posting. Obama as the president should not comment on an ongoing legal and military investigation in my opinion, but that does not mean that the author is not correct about the military and FBI being overly politically correct. The point about the...
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    This is both sickening and terrifying.

    Gotcha. This was put together by the George Washington University. Not by either administration. Certainly not by the Obama administration because they were not yet elected and had their hands full with campaigning. Who chose the panelists and participants? Who chose Nidal Hassan to attend...
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    This is both sickening and terrifying.

    Notice that the dates of this task force were prior to Obama becoming president...
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    Army in Worst Recruiting Slump in Decades

    Army in Worst Recruiting Slump in Decades By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military WriterFri Sep 30,10:57 AM ET The Army is closing the books on one of the leanest recruiting years since it became an all-volunteer service three decades ago, missing its enlistment target by the largest margin since 1979...
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    Welcome PawPawMac , new to the net

    Agree Alabama, nice website. Where is Bertram? How's the market for your type of products in Texas? I know it would be good in Austin. How about elsewhere?
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    Article on early detection of BSE

    It depends upon the reason for inaccuracy. False positives? False negatives? Because the prion disease is not advanced enough yet? Because of human error? Because other conditions cause the same results?
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    Article on early detection of BSE

    Live-Animal Test for BSE? A US lab and a Canadian company both claim new live-animal assay for prion disorder By Doug Payne Getty Images/Handout The discovery of even a single case of mad cow disease can be economically devastating. Since May 2003, three cases of the prion disease have been...
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    R-CALF paints harsh picture for resident cattle producers

    Safeway just came up with a new packaging ploy -- "Rancher's Choice". What rancher, who knows? That's on top of the multiple organic brands they sell. Whole Foods Market and Harris Teeter are thriving and replacing the local chains. I noticed in Santa Fe that some of the restaurants serve...
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    The truth behind the 30 month age barrier - do you know it?

    The man in charge of UK surveillance, Dr. Robert Will, briefed one month ago that 2004 had seen a slight increase in vCJD onsets from 2003. So it's not clear it's "on the decline" unless you wish to claim you know more that the scientist in charge of surveillance in the country that knows the...
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    The truth behind the 30 month age barrier - do you know it?

    Actually 2004 saw a slight increase in vCJD onsets from 2003... A couple of years in the life of a mysterious disease is not a full picture my friend.
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    The truth behind the 30 month age barrier - do you know it?

    And we are very lucky that few people actually are susceptible to vCJD it appears or it takes decades to develop and the UK and Europe will have a shock in about 15 years. No reason for the US and Canada to rush in where the UK and Europe has been and wishes to h**l they hadn't.
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    To All You Phenomenal Women On Ranchers Net.

    I'm middle aged and we too referred to bulls as "he cows" some of the time. Hah. Very interesting. I agree that rural people have good manners instilled in them. As MLA would say, the superego is stronger in small towns.
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    Casa Paloma where are you located?

    CP - Is Palestine worse situated vis a vis Rita than Austin? I just looked at Google Maps and it looks like they are a similar distance away from Houston and north, albeit Palestine is directly north of Houston and Austin is to the west. I know Austin just gets bad rain and an occasional...
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    Taylor Behl and blogs

    I do think the violent and pornographic television and movies have something to do with it personally. My kids can be exposed to such things because their parents and their schools have given them strong values but lots of families and schools don't have those values or don't bother to impart...