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    Katrina... cutter racing results

    The Hostile Native has been wanting to get into this for a while. I've wanted td do it to shw off some of our horses. I finally found a used chariot and harness for sale and jumped on it. Hopefully we will be ready for next season. Tex
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    work coat

    Alot of Carhart stuff is made elsewhere these days. I just bought a new Carhart FR vest that says "made in mexico" on the tag. On some of the welder forums I belong to alot of the guys are griping because tis seems to be the case with most of what they are buying from Carhart. This is really...
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    We must not, CANNOT let this happen in America

    Shoot Shovel And Shut Up Really simple solution that has worked well on wolves. Now our government is forcing us to implement this strategy on other varmints as well. Tex
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    welder ?

    Working in the oilpatch, I come across alot of stuff that is magnetized. An old timer once told me to wrap my ground lead counter-clockwise atleast 5 wraps around the end of the magnetized pipe and then clamp the ground on. Seems to help. Tex
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    welder ?

    Lots people think newer is better, but this is'nt necessarily true when it comes to welders. The best engine powered welders will have an armiture that is wrapped completely in copper. Out of my welders, the one that welds the best and is my favorite is a 1944 model Lincoln SA200. This is the...
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    welder ?

    Way to go on your find RA. The Lincoln "Tombstone" is a good little welder to start out with. I have been welding professionally for over 20 years now. Welding took me allover the country until I finally found the right spot to settle. Now, eventhough we are running our own stock, I am still...
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    My turn

    There is a guy over there who is supposed to be really good at braiding rawhide. I spoke with him a couple years back. Unfortunately, I cant remember his name. In Wyoming terms, our place aint too far away. We are south of Gillette along the Belle Fourche. Tex
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    Gingrich: GOP in Danger of Becoming Permanent Minority

    I hear ya. The Hostile Native and I have had the discussion several times on what it would take to get this country back on track. We could not think of any scenario that would be pleasent. We have seriously considered selling out and buying a place just big enough to raise what we need for...
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    Gingrich: GOP in Danger of Becoming Permanent Minority

    I dont necessarily care for Newt, but he is right. If the "R's" dont put a hand on each shoulder and yank real hard to pull their head outta their hind ends, the "R's" are gnna be suckin hind tit. Last time they gave us McCain. This time they gave the people, Romney. To believe he is, or would...
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    NRA calls for Policeman in every School

    Dont get me wrong, I am agaist mor police and anything that will lead us closer to a police state, but, BUT, if it is going to happen let it be the choice of those who pay the taxes and will be most affected by it. Personally, I am for not infringing upon the 2nd amendment. If a teacher decides...
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    NRA calls for Policeman in every School

    A-Raise property tax (school tax) to fund police or armed responder presence in schools B-Rescind Gun Free Zone designation C-Both A and B D-Neither A or B and remain with status quo Perhaps rather than making this a national issue, it should be an issue determined by each individual school...
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    Solid or "Wyoming style" windbreak

    We have one in our big pasture. Not many trees to hide behind around here, so most ranches have what you are talking about. Tex
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    Blizzard Warning!

    All we got was wind and cold, then the weather changed and it got cold and windy. Tex
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    Ivermectin for the World Travelers !

    I remember years ago, i accidentally got a healthy dose of Ivomec pour on and was a little worried. The vet, who was a very good friend, told me not to worry. He said that eventhough they couldnt do it here, Ivomec had a very healthy business in third world countries marketing their product for...
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    Cowboy designed centerpieces

    Jersey Lilly is the crafty one and she is definetely who you should be asking. Tex
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    Cell phone numbers go public this month

    Thanks. I registered. Tex
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    Prominent coal company lays off 160 employees

    We have been having global warming since the end of the last ice age. If CO2 is such a problem, why are soft drinks still legal? Seems like carbonated drinks would be on their hitlist. Tex
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    Prominent coal company lays off 160 employees

    Several of the coalmines here in NE Wyoming have layed off employees. They have all cut production and several multimillion dollar projects that would have created jobs have been shelved. Tex
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    2EZ one bale hauler?

    We had one of those when I was a kid in NE Texas. I think Preifert made it. Personally I wouldnt use one now if it was gave to me. Down there we had muddy stack lots to deal with and they are hell to back of when it is slick or the ground is soft. They are bearable if its dry and the hay stack...
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    Lightning Strike

    I dont have any yet. After I get a deal made I will tell everyone where they are from. I suspect that a few people here may know the people. I already have some of their bloodlines and like what Im seeing so far. Tex