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    Tractor talk: JD 4560 & 4450

    Here's a few pics of the 4560.
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    Tractor talk: JD 4560 & 4450

    Very helpful info SB, thanks. I'll check out that other site as well. And as long as you guys are giving me free advice :D , how about some tips on what to look for as I look at these tractors this weekend? For the record, I'll have my favorite JD mechanic with me for input from him. Since...
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    Tractor talk: JD 4560 & 4450

    Thanks SB, already have Tractordata.com in my favorites. :D I was buying corn "al granel", or raw in the field a couple of weeks ago and a guy pulled up on a JD 4455. My guys jumped on board to take a look and loved its simplicity. And down here, keeping it simple is a must. Anyway, I'll...
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    Tractor talk: JD 4560 & 4450

    Indeed. Spoke with a parts dealer this evening who specializes in John Deere and he told me parts are far easier to find for the older model tractors (like the ones I'll be looking at this weekend) than the newer models. I've got an 85 HP JD 5705 I bought in 2005 and yeah, it's tough to find...
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    Tractor talk: JD 4560 & 4450

    Hey FH! I've been doing great, thanks for asking. Lots of work fortunately and never seem to be enough hours in the day. Hope everyone here is well and still kickin'.
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    Tractor talk: JD 4560 & 4450

    I'll be looking at several John Deere tractors this weekend as I plan to buy one before the end of the year. There are much newer models on the secondary market here but I think for the money I can get the best deal on something of this age and model. I'm interested in a tractor on the order...
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    Where is Whitewing?

    Still kickin! Just been really busy these days in the coffee business. Yeah, the ranch is doing fine....plowing right now as the rains are finally falling and will plant grain sorghum again this year. I promise to stay in touch and if the fat man asks, tell him I've got his packet right here.
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    Has The Montana Oil Boom Busted?

    I'll bet some poor sap is listening to him right now saying that he warned everyone about the coming oil bust.
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    Was the Fatman in Ft. Worth?

    Here at my bodega when a Chavista asks if I've got TP, I tell them I've got revoluationary TP, and then show them a corn cob. Most laugh, some don't though they realize I'm right, of course.
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    Clean Coal Shot Down

    Shovel-ready alright.
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    Was the Fatman in Ft. Worth?

    Spicy food. The wemmin look good till they hit about 25.
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    Oil Patch Jobs Are Leaving Fast

    I spent 20 years in the oilfield and all I remember about it was this: That was 15 years ago. I see that the more things change, the more they stay the same.
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    Gitmo inspires terrorism

    Don't know about the world as a whole, but, as evidenced by the last two presidential elections in the US, the majority of American voters have clearly lost touch with reaity.
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    "my husband's not gay"---hope for hoppy?

    The lady in the foreground is a brand inspector. :lol:
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    I Immediately Thought Of OT

    I have a feeling he's now on more than one watch list. :lol:
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    Caption These...

    Nothing to see here. Just another classic case of workplace violence.
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    I Immediately Thought Of OT

    With 144 years of combined law enforcement experience, do you really think OT would act on faulty information? :roll:
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    greetings from the king.. (or the White House breifing)

    He and OT have been pissing down our necks and telling us it's raining for years. This is not news. :D