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Airstream....update pics

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Couch frame and storage compartments....all stripped...sanded...restained and finished. Along with the doors for the compartments.


The ugly pocket door. It really is ugly. And it's not even wood. It's kinda like formica countertop stuff. So...I set to work. But first a couple pics of just how ugly it really is.

Somewhere along the way....in my lil trailers history. Someone decided varnish would help. NOT

So I sanded the whole door....

Then painted it with a Gesso primer....so that acrylic paint would adhere to it.

Finally get to the color part of painting. Barn red....(these next photos were taken with my phone)

A little painters tape, and some gold paint.

Pull the tape off.....I'm likin it!

This is where I quit last night. Still have a few more things to do to it. But it looks much better than the old ugly lil door it was when I started.
My goodness, Lilly. That looks just fabulous.

I'm really green with envy....I painted our outside door
where the paint was bubblling (from heat, I guess). Good
thing it was the back door....looked like someone played
in paint when I got done......... :cry: I'm just not good
with my hands. Then I see what you are capable of,
and Tam is capable of and I wish I could do half of
what you both can do.

Oh well.

Anyhow, you sure made a silk purse out of a sows ear. :D
katrina said:
Wowser.......... :mrgreen:

Okay.... I'm painting my front door Friday...... I'm scared now..... I need advice I think.... :wave:

On the door...don't call me... :lol2: :lol2: :kid:
Mine's a mess. Only thing I could help with is tell you what
NOT to do.......... :p :wink:
Part of the problem is that I was scraping the old paint off.
No problem. Mr. FH didn't think I was doing a good enough job...
so he got the air compressor. Well, HE didn't think that was good
enough and went and got the power washer.

That was a disaster. It was too strong and damaged the wood.

Men and their machines.......... :mad:
My front door needs re doing too. I don't even wanna think about stripping and sanding that down to refinish. It's not paint...it's stain and varythane (sp) I hate putting something over anything...because you never know when your gonna have a reaction of two differnt types of finishes.

Ok....the last of the bathroom door pics....

Alot more tape...for just a little more paint. I painted black in the stripes and then came back over that with more gold. All done except for the final sealer coat that I'll do later this evening after this has had a few hours to dry good.


Not really a fun part of the project....(too much like cleaning LOL) But a job that had to be done if I wanna cook in my trailer.

Stove before....

Stove after.....

All nice and shiny now.
We got a whole lot accomplished this weekend. More today than yesterday. Durin all the lovely rain (Thank You God!!!!) I sequestered myself in the trailer and worked all day.

We ripped out the kitchen cabinets...AND BOY AM I GLAD WE DID!!!!!! I'da never been able to stay in it if I'da known all this was behind the cabinets and I didn't clean it up...Oh My Gosh!!!!! Nasty!!!!!!!! Most of it was caused by the gas/electric fridge that vented up the wall and out the roof. But that's gone!!!! We are goin with just an electric fridge.


A lil Mr. Clean and hot water in a bucket....and a scrub towel.....I got most of it fairly clean....then I KILZ'd it anyway....just because I still had memories of that nasty stuff LOL


So then came the color.....


And then I worked on the upper cabinet doors. Had no idea where I was goin with this.....don't know if I'm done yet.....but I kinda like em.

You are so talented and creative to dream up these patterns and colors...You have done so much work without a design team..I'm so impressed! So does the orange paint glow in the dark??? that would be kind of cool at night in the dark with all the cool designs..lol Can't wait for the next update!!!
Glow in the dark paint.......hmmmm hadn't even thought of that. But I don't know if they even make such....other than for hiway signs and such. LOL

What your calling orange is really yellow. Actually real close to mustard yellow. Or are you talkin about the paint on the ceiling? It is kinda orange. Was supposed to be copper...but the copper I had looked black when I put the first few brush strokes on and I quickly decided NOT!

I did however...turn all the lights off in the trailer the other night...except the little over the couch lights on each side. It looked really neat. Told Mr. Lilly I can't wait till we get the floor in...and the couch back in...and and and....so I can turn on those lights and see the whole thing all finished.

Started laying floorin yesterday afternoon. Had to quit to go eat Birthday supper with the kids. SIL's bday. Then came back and worked somemore. Today....well today I will attempt to lay the flooring on down into the bathroom. All those wierd curves and angles is gonna be a nightmare I'm sure. I've commendeared our son to help me do that. Altho..only one person can fit in there at a time....at least maybe he'll be my cheering squad while I do that.
great job---your effort and hard work will pay off

they do make glow in the dark stuff from stencils to paint...here's my story

we bought our place here in the ozarks,,and had just moved.the house was still kinda new to us.and as my mother came from Iowa to visit ,we put her in a spare bedroom that one of the previous kids had.as she prepared for bed and then shut off the light,she was surprised to find that as she lay down,,,the ceiling was covered with glow in the dark stars and a message...."you are being watched"....i guess she slept ok,,,but that is how we discoverd glow in the dark!!

good job
LOL I wouldn't wanna do that balestabber....because we jokingly call it "The Haunted Armadillo" now. Because weird things keep happening. And I mean wierd!!! Not scary...just strange.

Today.....Lil Lilly was over and seen my grocery list laying on my kitchen bar.....and she wrote "ghost food" on it. :roll:
Maiden voyage with the armadillo went great. Other than one minor incident where the power cord found it's way out and was draggin as we were goin down the road. Nothin major...But I was worried that we wouldn't have power when we got there. But all worked fine...and it was such pretty weather that we didn't even turn the A/C on at all the whole weekend.

Mr Lilly hookin up our string of lights...

Good food....

Took a 2nd place trophy with the car in the middle....Mr Lilly's dad's 23 T Bucket Roadster.

And the genealogist in me made Mr Lilly stop in Evergreen so I could take pictures of the old store/service station and house that his grandpa's sister and husband ran for years and years.

Faster horses said:
For once, I don't know what to say.........except I don't know
if I like it or not........... :???: :D

You, FH... a loss for words? I sort of agree, but one thing I know is, it sure is flowery! Jersey, you have put a lot of work into this trailer and you've done a good job!

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