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Anyone up for A Ranchersnet Get-together Early Sept.???

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Feb 10, 2005
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Some months ago some of us talked about a get-together in some "central" location when I mentioned I'll be out west (Colorado) for a combination vacation/business trip and then plan on traveling around and seeing some other areas. Is anyone still interested in a restaurant get-together? MRJ had listed a couple towns she thought might be central to a variety of states though I can't find the list in the archives. :? My time-frame seems to be anywhere from Sep 3 through 12.

I posted this by mistake here first, meant to put it in Coffee Shop forum but perhaps it should be both places in case you aren't a coffee drinker!
I think it would be great. What a hoot to meet everyone. I would dare wager we would all leave with alot of good memories.
It sounds like a great idea-- doubt if I could make it tho- will probably still be harvesting and/or haying--Seems like all I do from the 4th of July until October....... :?
I'll be there!!! Just name the time and the place!! Got some vacation time to use up and can't think of a funner way to use it up!!! :wink: :wink:
Would be a great idea. I think nrs time frame might work out quite well for many people in this area. Don't know how we could figure out a sort of central location. Was wondering about what would be of interest to those of you on this board, any special interests? or areas where you would like to visit. How far would some of you care to travel to get to a get together?
Most of you seem to be in SD or close to its border, am I correct?
You're all going to have to make the call about the best town to meet in since I know nothing about that area except IT IS LOTS OF MILES BETWEEN TOWNS! :shock:

Oldtimer, we hope you can leave off haying for once in your life. This would be fun. Maybe we could drum up some folks for you to marry if you're such a workaholic.
Mike said:
How about Australia in January? Australian Cattleman, Tully, could put us up.

How about your place in the winter, Mike? You furnish the beds, barbeque, and bourbon. I'll furnish my a hearty thank-you :lol:
How does this sound? MRJ emailed me some town suggestions. I'd suggest a vote.

We know we'd all LOVE to go to Australia :!: But the bulk of serious (meaning practical- I'm gonna get myself in trouble with those adjectives but you know what I mean) respondees are in SD/Nebraska area. Why don't we aim for that area THIS TIME to make it easiest for the majority?

Then at a later date the Southern Contingent, the Canadian folk, the Aussies etc can plan one in their areas or a favorite vacation spot and those that can will get there.

MRJ's three possibilities and comments:
#1 Ft. Robinson, NE which is near the town of Crawford, Nebraska (NW corner of Nebraska). Really neat place....restored old cavalry base now used for reunions, etc.
#2 a Black Hills location such as one of the lodges, or something in one of the towns (SW South Dakota)
#3 or maybe Medora, ND. (SW North Dakota)
Your vote, please?
Deadwood sounds good. Lots of motel rooms and a little gambling available.
feeder said:
Deadwood sounds good. Lots of motel rooms and a little gambling available.

feeder- Here I've always pictured you as the sweet little quiet mother/grandmotherly type--now you "suggest" gambling :???: I have to picture you now as one of those ladies we never see because her face is always looking into one of those machines :lol: :lol: :lol: My neighbors hired man's wife and her group of "young grey haired doves" just got back from Deadwood-- they sound like they had a ball.....From the stories they tell you'd have thought they were all 17 instead of 70....

But you guys are right Deadwood is a beautiful place- and after Labor Day I would think some of the crowds would be disappearing..

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