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Aug. 27th Pics

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Aug 21, 2008
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Meridian, Idaho
I dont post to much but try and read whats going one daily. Had chance yesterday to take a couple pics of a few of my bull calves, then a picture of one of our heifers we are going to be selling this fall in a show heifer sale.
Here is a bull calf born 2/18/11 sired by BC Lookout 7024 and out of a New Design 208 dtr. Her picture will be right under his from yesterday also. Getting ready to wean in about a week.


A BC Raven son out of a Bando 1961 3 year old dtr. Born 2/1/11

Last but not least a 3/7/11 heifer sired by TC Gridtopper and out of a Baldridge Nebraska daughter.

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed!
Soapweed said:
Those are some poppin' good calves, with plenty of balance, eye-appeal, and meat in all the right places. I like them very much.

That says it all.

Good cattle are good cattle regardless of colour.
Thanks for the compliments. I am certainly happy with how the calves are growing and how the gentics are playing out.

I cant say to much about Herfords as we bought a small group of them this spring to use as embryo recip cows. They are raising some mighty fancy baldies right at the moment.
Nice cattle. I like the Lookout cattle.
We used him here in 2008, 2009 and really liked the heifers out of him.
[ Suppose that Raven bull would cross on my matrix hiefier?? ]
Could probably make that happen! :lol:

Our Raven calves have done a very good job. My only complaint is that you have to watch for white. They like to get a little to much on them at times.[/quote]

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