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Bucking horse

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Sep 5, 2005
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bunnell, Florida
I have a 14.3 h line bred doc bar gelding. He is now 6 years old and still blows up everytime we go to ride him. He is nervous to saddle and when we try to mount he moves around and often stands up and walks on his hind legs. Sometimes when we get on he will buck. Other times he will ride fine and if something scares him he comes unglued. He bucks harder than anything i have ever seen. My husband rides bulls and he bucks my husband off and even broke 3 of his ribs. I used to have him at a boarding facility with round pen and all the amenities. Even when i was there he still acted the same way. I tried to saddle and unsaddle to get him used to it but, it was the same reaction each time. Timid and scared. I used to lunge him before we rode and still the same reaction. I even had a trainer to ride him for 30 days. He was a little better but still the same. I contacted his previous owner and she said she sold him because he almost killed her in the stall. I do not know that side of him. His ground manners are perfect. I wash him with no halter or lead rope and he does not flinch. He loves people, if i call he comes running, he licks us all over not scared only to saddle and ride. I wish i knew someone who rides alot that would take him and use him for about 6 months to put alot of miles on him that he despirately needs. I even thought about selling him as a bucking horse. I have ridden over 1000 horses and never seen anything buck like him. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
Take it from a guy with a bunch of broken bones right now.

SELL SELL SELL SELL to the kill plant.
Too many good horses around to screw around with a bad one- one that you can't trust...Have hubby check with some of the stock contractors in your area- they may want to try him .... Never know what he'll do with a flank and coming out of a chute until you try it....He's definitely old enough- big enough for a bareback.......
Sell would be my response. But if you do want to keep him, take him to a chiropractor. It is possible that something is wrong with him and a simple fix could be all it takes. If that doesn't work. . . . SELL
Send the horse to the local rodeo stock contractor and throw him in the string of saddle broncs. If he keeps bucking he found himself a home. If he quits, there is a good chance he has the bucking out of his system.
cough, cough, cough, Big Muddy those cigerettes are nasty.... Yes I am very sweet and young compared to dog age....Soap and Mrs Soap are the only one who has seen me and I know they are so kind,they would never say anything else....
Wish you lived closer-I'd like to see him with a flank on-lot's of great buckers started out as saddle horses-anybody remember 'High Chapperal' lol.
Doc Bars are kinda broncs anyway arn't they??? We had one years ago and he was one heck of horse, but he would pitch with ya... Ugly... mercy..long ole head... small only about 14 hands....Never wore him out..Ya just liked him better everyday....
Call Jerome Robinson he's always looking for bucking horses. I can get the # tonight if you are interested.
Buckerette did you see those two bulls that are coming up for auction in Breeder's Connection. Any guesses what young futurity bull will bring-wish I could play in that league.
I hate to even guess, a lot. More then 50K and less then 125K. Maybe... I bet a partnership buys him.

What are your thoughts?
I'm guessing 175,000 for the two of them-I sure like that young bull-at least you know he can buck and has a chance to make some money. I got a guy wanting to buy all my yearlings right now but not sure if I should sell them lol. Sure had a pleasant surprise when we flanked them first time.

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