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Canadian Government standing behind cattle producers

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Feb 10, 2005
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nw manitoba
Oldtimer said:
Sandhusker said:
rkaiser said:
:p They've been standing behind us all along. Only problem is when they hand us the vaseline jar and ask us to bend over.

Cannon fodder, just like the American Rancher.

:lol: We both know neither of us can test because the AMI is against it. I've tried to point out a few times that the AMI is behind most of the problems between the US and Canada - never been a popular stance with others on this board but I remain steadfast. Most would rather crab about R-CALF, but if one steps back and takes it all in, I think it becomes apparent that R-CALF is really fighting the AMI thru the USDA. The way I see it, this whole border deal is because the USDA is so damn intent on opening the border for economic reasons (the AMI's checkbooks) that in their haste they are haunted by their original BSE policy, which was set up for health reasons. The border will open eventually, but the USDA has probably done more to drag it out themselves by getting sloppy and giving R-CALF plenty of ammunition.

Amen- Sandhusker- but the Canadians won't even question the AMI boys $400 per head profits-- Blame it all on R-CALF........Can't win a battle when you don't identify who your true enemy is.........

With friends like R-calf who needs enemies

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