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cattle mutilations USA - Argentina

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May 26, 2023
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Just a few weeks ago, 7 mutilated cattle were found in Texas!
I have been researching these cases in North America and South America for over 30 years and would like to share some of my research here.
The unknown perpetrators always leave the mutilated cattle in the affected countries in the same way. Not only in the USA but also in Argentina and Uruguay there were 400 of these cases in 2002 alone. There are currently cases in various states of Argentina. The question arises why in the great Brazil, not a single case of cattle mutilation is known, although there are the same breed of cattle.
In Germany I have seen only one comparable case so far.
So far there is no certain answer as to the identity of the perpetrators. What is certain, however, is that a technology unknown to us is being used here. I assume that the perpetrators in their
habitat cannot raise cattle. In Argentina, too, the government has not yet answered the background to this event. I know of 2 cases where the cattle survived despite being severely wounded, also published on YouTube. I kept the text short!

Douglas Spalthoff


May 26, 2023
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The alleged perpetrators filmed over a farm on January 09, 2021!

URUGUAY- JANUARY 12, 2021: Oval flying object, about 20 meters in diameter. It was created by Mr. Martín Chacón, a resident/farmer of La Falda neighborhood, Piriápolis, Maldonado, Uruguay. Lights over Cerro del Toro near his home, taken on his cell phone at around 11:30 p.m. on January 9. The other eyewitness's name is Gustavo Ledesma. They first observed an oval shape, or array of lights, and before it disappeared, it turned into a V shape. The lights were bright and blinking. The estimated size was over 20 meters long. The two witnesses noted that he was not entirely on the ground, but remained bent over with part in the air. It made no sound. Just before the sighting began, witnesses noticed that all the dogs in the area began howling. The entire sighting lasted about 5 minutes. Is it the suspected perpetrators of the "cattle mutilations" that took place in the same area?



May 26, 2023
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Private UFO Research Group by
Covert tactics adopted by the Pentagon


Why did the successful team of scientists disappear with the "National
Institute for the Discovery of Science" (NIDS), Las Vegas, initially without a trace?
As a researcher, for more than 30 years internationally, especially with the UFO
Phenomenon and the associated well over 20000
cattle mutilations in North and South America, also locally, I feel
prompted to write this press release.
I would like to use this example to give interested people an impression of
As is the case in the USA, the activities of private research groups (partly also through col-
government officials from intelligence and military involved), in cooperation with
Government agencies and state-owned companies are merging.
One could also recognize the attempt here, like the private UFO research in the USA, with
these measures, is kept under limited state control.

US billionaire Robert T. Bigelow, founder and. President of the research laboratory NIDS
"National Institute for Discovery Science" (NIDS), Las Vegas, Nevada/USA, was a private
funded research organization that officially operated from 1995 to 2004, and
and his professional research team dealt extensively and successfully with the
Research into phenomena such as UFOs and the American cattle mutilations =
cattle mutilation.
The phenomena on the "SKINWALKER RANCH" in the state of Utah
were studied by NIDS. A ranch becomes a hotspot of uncanny phenomena.
Researchers try to find an explanation and pique the interest of the Pentagon.
The research team of NIDS consisted of veterinary pathologists, physicists

As the following press release shows, the organization NIDS for
selected to work with the Federation Aviation Administration (FAA).
Press release:
National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) becomes the first official organization to
study UFO
Reports received from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) is the only one for the FAA
Point of contact in the United States for reports of UFOs.
The following four FAA handbooks contain the changes:
FAA Sort 7110.65, Air Traffic Control,
FAA Sort 7210.3, Facility Operations and Administration
Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)
The official date for all FAA offices for the new manuals was July 12, 2001.
but NIDS has confirmed that many FAA offices have previously issued the instructions
picked up the manuals.

The AATIP "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program"

The program referred to, involving Bigelow Aerospace = NIDS, was valid in 2007
at the Pentagon (Defence Ministry), still classified, should then be between 2007 and
to have run in 2012. Allegedly, the program runs within the Ministry of Defense
but further. This information only came to the public in 2017, through the Pentagon
Associate, Luis Elizondo, who had worked at the US Department of Defense for 22 years,
and was also responsible for the "AATIP!" among other things


May 26, 2023
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Renaming from NIDS = Bigelow Aerospace
In the December 10, 2009 update to February 11, 2010,
Removed NIDS from FAA document and replaced "Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space
Studies" (BAASS) as a new reporting point for relevant UFO sightings and incidents
In a new instruction, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Pilots, flight crew and air traffic controllers are urged to report any future UFO sightings
to a subsidiary of the private space company "Bigelow Aerospace".
So far, the authority had instructed appropriate witnesses to report their sightings either
UFO research organizations such as the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC,
ufocenter.com) around Peter Davenport or the also private "National Institute for Discovery
Sciences" (NIDS).
Excerpt from FAA order dated December 10, 2009 © Public Domain
For me it is incomprehensible that exactly after this success, a short time later, the database
and official work at NIDS, and no more research results for
the public or for researchers, was visible. My queries to NIDS at the time
or related persons, did not provide a plausible explanation from either side.
Excerpt from FAA order dated December 10, 2009 © Public Domain
For me it is incomprehensible that exactly after this success, a short time later, the database
and official work at NIDS, and no more research results for
the public or for researchers, was visible. My queries to NIDS at the time
or related persons, did not provide a plausible explanation from either side.

Even the FBI suspects aliens are behind the cattle mutilations!
The British newspaper "The Sun" and Augsburger Allgemeine reported in 2011 that
Even the FBI suspects aliens to be behind the cattle mutilations, which is said to consist of
FBI files reveal that the federal investigative agency of the
United States Department of Justice to have published.
Source: https://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/panorama/FBI-vermutete-Aliens-hinter-
Animal mutilations-id14702811.html

NIDS acquired by Pentagon through obfuscation tactics
Surprisingly, it was not until 12/2017 that a reason was given why NIDS was no longer avail-
was reachable, but not what I thought, via a report from a Pentagon employee.
According to the statement, the US Department of Defense had a program for years


May 26, 2023
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operated, which dealt with unidentified flying objects, just (UFOs). The
In 2007, the Department of Defense commissioned Bigelow Aerospace (formerly NIDS)
to investigate UFO sightings. So that was the answer: So that's how it happened
successful NIDS, through a cover-up tactic, to the public, secretly escaped
drawn to traffic.
The research organization NIDS has demonstrated in the past that
"unidentified flying objects" directly related to the American ones
cattle mutilations, which was confirmed by the FBI in 2011.
This probably led to the following obfuscation measure:
Why is a research center disguised as a space company?
Bigelow's National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS), was a privately funded
research organization, and dealt with his professional
Research team engaged in studying phenomena such as UFOs and the
American cattle mutilations.
Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies" (BAASS), is a
Las Vegas, Nevada space company working on novel technology
of space station modules with deployable skins made of Vectran.
Source/Evidence: Excerpt from the FAA protocol (pdf document)
Elizondo left his employer in October 2017. The former wanted more details
Government employees did not reveal this, as he is also defeated after the end of his
government service a duty of confidentiality.
However, he reported to the "Telegraph" that the existence of extraterrestrial
Flying objects "sufficiently proven". Many flying objects observed by the military are not
of military origin and not designed by human hands
It is therefore not surprising to me that the Pentagon has now officially announced the
Release of 3 secret UFO videos ordered by US Navy. The
Photographs of the unidentified flying objects (UFO for short) were taken by US Navy pilots
recorded. One of the videos is from an incident in November 2004 and the
other two videos emerged in January 2015, as did the US Department of Defense
had communicated.
Source: https://www.pcwelt.de/news/US-Navy-veroeffentlicht-drei-geheime-UFO-Videos-
Testimony of the pilot to the video from 2004, described the fighter pilot David Fravor, the 18
Years in the US Navy, according to the New York Times and CNN
mysterious encounter, which he claims to have seen from his cockpit. Fravor the to
was commander of a flight squadron at the time, according to his own statements, led with
Co-pilots were conducting a routine exercise in the airspace off the southern California coast
when he
a white, oval, wingless object about forty feet long appeared on the radar
should be. Several air traffic controllers involved in the exercise had previously reported that


May 26, 2023
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Objects fall from around 24,000 meters to just above the water and straight again
would shoot up. As Fravor approached the object, it accelerated
and disappeared in less than two seconds. Fravor believes that this object
could not come from this earth. Another crew later succeeded
track object for about a minute. The encounter was recorded with the onboard camera
caught on video. In it you can see: a flying, rotating something on the
"Youtube channel".
As part of a request by the researcher Christian

following a request by FOIA researcher Christian Lambright
the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), the intelligence department of the Navy now the
Existence of documents classified as top secret. A release of
According to the authorities, however, documents would pose a threat to the
national security of Americans.
Similarly, the testimony, like that of the former CIA officer, and Pentagon
Contributor Philip J. Corso, in his book The Day After Roswell, We Knew That
between the cattle mutilations and surveillance of our secret
Military installations, reports of strange kidnappings and the recognizable one
activities on the radar, especially during our space flights
extraterrestrials. Everything we intended to do about it had to go under
in absolute secrecy, otherwise there might be a worldwide panic
given." (Source p.159)
Such statements, such as those made by Elizondo, on such matters as have been made in
the past by
made by former secret service employees or government officials
often shortly after their death.
Perhaps the Pentagon, meanwhile, has realized that their policy of secrecy and
Cover-up tactics, towards mankind, cannot be kept secret for decades,
and is now forced to release fragments of the X-Files.
If you look closely at these different research organizations, you see
quickly that certain people appear in it again and again, and also has to realize that
that there are also direct links with ties to government agencies and
state-owned companies exist.
Outstanding and current example "To The Stars Academy"
The Stars Academy Signs Collaborative Agreement With U.S. Army To Investigate UFO
debris parts:
All 27 pages of the contract:
The following well-known names can be found in To The Stars Academy: In addition to nu-
Personalities from the secret service and military circles, you can also find the former leader
from AATIP at the Pentagon, Luis Elizondo again, or Dr Hal Puthoff. PhD also formerly at
NIDS and working for government circles.
That the process, the Pentagon's collaboration with scientists and
Free enterprise is nothing new, it can be concluded from the statement of the
former (deceased 1998) CIA officer and Pentagon staffer General Philip J.
Corso deduce, because he was also directly involved in the evaluation of the controversial
known Roswell case of 1947, at the highest level of government. As then
Lieutenant Colonel, Corso sometimes led a double life in the 1960s. In these times
he headed the Pentagon's departments (for extraterrestrial technology) and army research
and development. The other part of his job, however, was as an intelligence officer and
Army Intelligence Advisor.
On the subject of examining the recovered debris and technology from the crash
and to distribute the evaluations and further development to US companies,
Corso wrote in his book The Day After Roswell, also on the subject
cattle mutilations. Because even with the cattle mutilations, for us at that time,
completely unknown surgical technologies demonstrated.
The journalist Robert Fleischer from Exomagazin.tv writes on his website: "because it
is an information operation with the participation of secret service agents,

coordinated with press campaigns, influencing politics and legislation
USA.. In addition - and this is the crucial point - they have been in military files for decades
worldwide documented actions of UFOs working hypotheses about the intentions of the
visitors who cannot be ignored by science. The UFO Phenomenon
must because of its great importance for all areas of human life from the
science is taken seriously and examined in a multidisciplinary manner


May 26, 2023
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What is special about cattle blood, why cattle blood?
Another realization I got during my research was the answer why
or what did the "unknown perpetrators" need the cattle blood for, or what is the case
especially the cattle blood?
Just assuming that human organisms, for a supposedly
extraterrestrial race could be harmful, it would be understandable that
the terrestrial bacteria are determined by blood samples and tissue removal
could, and the "unknowns" could then develop vaccines to defend themselves.
In one report I found the following information:
Cattle cannot become infected with HIV, but they produce highly effective antibodies
against the AIDS virus. This can be used to search for vaccination strategies.
A vaccination study on calves shows that the animals diverge a good year later
Antibodies formed in the laboratory 96 percent of 117 variants of the AIDS pathogen
Source: This is reported by the team led by Devin Sok from the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla (US
State of California) in the journal "Nature".

What will probably not be known to many readers here is that beef
Hemoglobin as a blood substitute, at least in humans, in South African
hospitals, has been approved and used since 2001 and also at which
American military is stored. The American pharmaceutical company
Biopure, in Cambridge (Massachusetts) USA, has been producing since 2001
Beef blood, the blood pigment hemoglobin (product Hemopure), used as a blood substitute for
medical use on people who have just had an operation. That straight into the veins
injected hemoglobin should be compatible with all blood groups, no previous
Require testing and have a two year shelf life.
Other advantages over other blood bank products would be fewer
Susceptibility to contamination with the AIDS virus HIV.
This cattle blood also comes from strictly bred for this production
shielded herds vaccinated against livestock diseases (from USA).
The supplier also guarantees that the BSE-triggering proteins, the so-called
Prions from which recovered hemoglobin are removed.
The manufacturer says that from what we know so far, we can go to almost 100
percent sure that we are not transmitting any pathogens to the patients - otherwise
we could not even take responsibility for such attempts.
The US biotechnology group Biopure (Cambridge/ Massachusetts) developed in
about 20 years of research work and tested it over 9 years in
different clinics.
Source: http://www.nzz.ch/article7BY94-1.487397

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