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cattle mutilations USA - Argentina

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Hello dear team, why is the visitor counter for cattle mutilation now reset from almost 1000 to almost 1?
Greetings Douglas
England: Aliens have landed in Wales and are killing sheep, says UFO hunter
One of Britain's top UFO hunters believes extraterrestrial life has invaded Wales - and has started killing its sheep. Helena Worth, 41, first became obsessed with UFOs since she first spotted one flying over her home several years ago.
Now describing herself as UFO-ologist and 'amateur scientist' she has reported numerous sightings. And she now claims alien-life form was responsible for the recent multilations of sheep close to her home.

August new cattle mutilation in Argentina

They found cows with strange mutilations in various fields in Entre Ríos
The cases occurred in recent days and in two different departments of the province. In both situations the cattle mutilations are very similar. The producers and the rural police cannot explain what happened.
In recent days, two cases of strange mutilations of cattle have been recorded in various rural areas of the province. One of the animals was found in the department of Tala (in the center of the province) and the second case was recorded in the department of La Paz (north of Entre Ríos).
As described by the manufacturers, the "cuts" are similar in both cases and in the same areas of the cow, i.e. in the jaw and anus areas.
Additionally, producers agreed that "other cattle, dogs and scavengers do not approach him."
Mutilation in Guardamonte
A strange mutilation of a cow was recorded in a field near the town of Guardamonte, in the Tala department.
The incident occurred last week when the owner of the field found a cow with multiple mutilations on the bank of a stream after the owner noticed that the best cow he had was missing.

According to Univisión Noticias, the animal was found dead and mutilated several times. What was even more noticeable at the crime scene was that there were no traces and the cuts looked perfect, as if they had been burned. In addition, the manufacturer said that there was no smell in the place and no scavengers approached.
Another mutilated cow in Bovril
Another mutilated cow was found in a field in the rural area of Bovril, a few kilometers from the city (in the department of La Paz), on the way to Estancia La Chualla.
Producers in the area cannot explain what happened, and livestock brigade personnel were on scene but were unable to determine what happened to the animal, LaSexta said.
According to the findings, the pregnant cow weighing about 500 kilos appeared without a tongue and without an anus. In addition, producers point out that other cattle and dogs do not approach the dead animal.


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From: Douglas Spalthoff

Paraguay 09/2023
Residents of Ytú municipality in Caaguazú district are curious about what happened to two dairy cows. The animals were found dead on a rural property this Thursday (15).
What caught our attention was that the cows were missing tongues and eyes and had cuts on their genitals. The animals didn't have a drop of blood either. There is speculation among residents that something supernatural could be happening.



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